Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 63

Ed makes a sacrifice to rescue Al and Hohenheim returns to visit Trisha’s grave.


I was actually surprised since I thought that 63 was going to be the last episode in the series. So when it got closer to the end I was prepared to criticize the lack of epilogue outside of Hohenheim. But I’m glad that they are going to give this series what it deserves in a full episode to wrap things up for the series. There is a lot of aftermath to deal with considering what went on in these past few episodes.

Anyways as expected Father was completely defeated this time around. He couldn’t restrain ‘God’ and was just beaten to a bloody pulp by Ed. It only got him angrier when he targeted Greed and killed him. I was impressed by Greed and didn’t think he was going to get killed in this episode. He saved that one guy from Briggs and made the smart call to save Ling and turning Father’s body into charcoal. Greed realized there wasn’t any other option now that the souls were getting absorbed into Father. The best he could do was solidifying the victory and make sure that it ended right then and there. It’s a sad loss since out of the homunculi Greed was the closest to the entire group and one you could feel comfortable about living on after these events. There is no doubt he was a comrade and friend to Ed and the others. While he didn’t survive it wasn’t as if Greed didn’t get what he wanted all along. He had precious allies who would mourn his loss and who he could fight for right until the end. It was better to save Ling knowing they had a philosopher stone that would help him become emperor than to have them both get absorbed and die. I’ll miss Greed since he was a great guy right until the end.

To be honest I wasn’t sure how Ed was going to get Al back. It didn’t seem likely that he would sacrifice himself in order to save his brother. After all it would just repeat the same situation and leave Al having to figure out how to get Ed back. I thought he might for a moment, but it passed pretty quickly. It was surprising how many stepped forward with options that Ed wasn’t willing to accept though. Using a philosopher stone went against their principle and Ed just couldn’t accept Hohenheim sacrificing himself either. It was a pretty powerful moment with how strongly he fought against that option even calling Hohenheim ‘father’ for the first time. Besides the tears just showed how emotional Ed was at that time. I’m sure it hit Ed hard that no matter what happened all Hohenheim wanted was to be a proper father for them and to do something for his children. It was a pretty smart idea to sacrifice his gate of truth and thus his alchemy to save Al. I thought he might give up the knowledge he gained from the gate, but this was pretty extreme method; Of course when comparing alchemy to his brother the choice is pretty clear.

No complaints on the fate of Father at the very end. After all he did the price he paid was a heavy one. There was no way he could make amends for all the lives he stole and damaged along the way. While his core wish wasn’t a terrible one the fact is he did terrible things along the way for it. Truth handled him pretty well and it was a smile worthy moment. I can’t feel sorry for him at all considering how many had died and could have died if his plan had succeeded.

The passing of Hohenheim at the end was pretty sad. I didn’t expect him to survive this entire event so it wasn’t really a surprise for me. What was surprising was that he was able to make it through the battle and to the grave of his wife. Some might say that Ed giving up alchemy wasn’t worth it since Hohenheim was out of time anyways. But I think that the time Hohenheim spent talking to the others and to his wife’s grave was precious. It gave him the time he needed to deal with his regrets about Homunculus. Proud of Alex who gave a few words of comfort making clear that the legacy of Hohenheim isn’t Father, but Ed and Al. Those two were crucial to saving the country and will be what he is remembered for. What happened with Father isn’t something he should constantly regret over. After all the time that Hohenheim has lived I don’t think his passing was anything tragic. He can finally meet with Trisha again and know that things will be alright. While he would like more time with his sons it’s not something anyone would blame him for. Though I’m sure it’s sad for Pinako to lose someone she cared that much for. Dedicating the ED with the OP to Hohenheim was a great touch by the staff. He is gone, but will definitely be remembered.

I’m really looking forward to the last episode just because it’s been an amazing series to this point. It will be sad to say goodbye after all this time, but that’s how a good series should be.

2 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 63”

  1. >I think that the time Hohenheim spent talking to the others and to his wife’s grave was precious.

    You know, I didn’t even think of this, and I’m one of the people who thought Ed refusing to sacrifice his father for Al was a good choice. That’s a beautiful way to put it.

  2. >I think that the time Hohenheim spent talking to the others and to his wife’s grave was precious.

    Indeed. I didn’t think of it this way either.

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