Angel Beats! – 13 [Final]

The SSS has their graduation assembly and Otonashi learns the truth about Kanade.


It’s become clear to me that I’m a terrible person. I was probably supposed to feel sad at the end and instead I was laughing at Otonashi’s position. He so freaking deserved it that I couldn’t have written a better ending for him. Of course obviously he does eventually leave and meet up with Kanade again from the ending. Still I never really got over my dislike of him from that moment he went on his mission to “save” everyone. Just not that interested in his need to save people due to not being able to save his sister. It was a nice moment for me to see him at least have a hit before it was all over.

In the end the last episode went pretty much as I expected it to. Otonashi just gave a speech and they used up an episode for a big assembly with only a few people there. I wasn’t that interested in it, but in the end that’s all we got. Few answers were handed out, but this wasn’t a series that really cared about telling us much.

Seems confirmed that world was truly just a purgatory, so all those hoping for a virtual reality solution were wrong this time. Although it’s not like the afterlife was delved very deeply into. It’s pretty amazing that the SSS belief in reincarnation seemed accurate even though they were completely guessing.

Really there isn’t a lot to say about the last episode by itself. It was mostly wrapping things up for the characters that didn’t vanish. I find it hard to believe guys like Noda just vanished considering his attachment to Yuri. Still I guess they didn’t want to waste time working through any more issues so the rest of the SSS were just conveniently vanished off-screen to save time. It was nice to see Yuri relaxed without that heavy mantle of leadership weighing her down. Though at the same time it was actually weird to see her so silly and not having a level head.

Final Words:

In the end this series really surprised me. It was a show that just jumped around from point to point so fast you could get lost in it. I think they had way too much material for a 13 episode series and had to rush and cut out a lot of things. It really made the series feel unstable to be running around so much. By the end it seemed each episode had a new villain that was standing in the way of the SSS. It really hurt the series I think to not have any stability in what was going on.

Otonashi’s character is pretty interesting as well. I really started off liking the guy and getting behind his imagination when it came up with some extreme version of the SSS operation names. By the end I really disliked him and was smiling when his attempt to keep Kanade around blew up in his face. It just felt like he had a serious messiah complex after getting his memory back. Having failed to save his sister it was like he had to save every single person he could whether they were alive or now in that purgatory. He just blew apart the SSS making their existence to that point meaningless since they failed to accomplish anything at all. Then right at the end he tries to have his cake and eat it too by keeping Kanade with him while he continues to send people along. It’s good that it didn’t work out since really if the others can’t stay with their friends why should he stay with the girl he loves? Obviously he couldn’t keep saving people forever from the very end of the episode when we see his reincarnation.

I was just hoping for a lot more answers from this series. At least they showed that it was reincarnation and apparently not a virtual reality. But I wanted a lot more answers about things. Plus if this was purgatory would it have been too much to have some showing of God in this? I would have found it interesting if Otonashi wasn’t just an accident but a deliberate weapon sent in by God to eliminate the SSS. Plus Kanade went from Tenshi to actually no one special at all. Somehow she stumbled upon the Angel Player software and was able to use it to fight. In that respect she’s no more important than the guys in the guild. Of course she was key for having Otonashi’s heart that he gave up and being Otonashi’s love interest. Besides Kanade was a cute character which gets her points from people regardless.

I understand the purgatory view and how staying isn’t really supposed to be good for anyone; though I can’t help being unsatisfied just kicking people out because it’s a purgatory. I mean it seemed pretty possible for the SSS to stay and enjoy their time. New things could happen as they took action and there was that system that allowed for changes to the world. It just feels like everyone was just shoved out and not really having moved on. Yuri really left mostly because she couldn’t stand going through the same thing again. Having the whole SSS leave and her staying behind would be a repeat and she couldn’t take that. They left and she had to follow them. Well I guess on the positive they all got new starts and perhaps some of who they are won’t be lost during reincarnation.

Overall I’d say it was a decent show. The pacing was pretty bad probably due to the low episode count they gave to it. I just had higher expectations than what it turned out being. The comedy and serious moments sometimes clashed instead of really working together. We didn’t get to find out much about the SSS including TK which I’m sure bothered many. Yuri and Otonashi got some serious background which made sense due to their central role. But the show also gave a lot of time to Iwasawa and Yui who were just singers of the band. It was probably done so they could make some CD’s from it, which kind of makes me wonder of the motivation behind the series.

It wasn’t a bad show, but it wasn’t something special either; 7/10.

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  1. > It was probably done so they could make some CD’s from it, which kind of makes me wonder of the motivation behind the series.

    If they make enough money, maybe the next anime they create will be good enough to make you genuinely feel bad for the lead character when you’re supposed to, rather than laughing ;)

  2. Heh Kanade is win, she pretty much made the show for me. I also really liked the Otonashi x Kanade end. Hmm but still, why are you so against the SSS moving on? It’s pretty much been shown and proven that moving on = better then being stuck with regrets in purgatory for various reasons. You make it sound like Otonashi did something bad when he helped everyone obtain peace lol. Although I do admit that Otonashi trying to get Kanade to stay in that world with him was a bit of selfishness on his part. Just because HIS regrets have already been cleared doesn’t mean Kanade’s were. If he had really been totally selfless then he’d first have asked Kanade about her past regrets before asking her to join him, but hey who doesn’t want to stay with the person they love? He’s only human. I gotta cut him some slack after all his efforts he spent helping others. Still, on that note I give some serious props to Hinata. He did what was best for Yui, despite the fact that it would hurt him for her to go.

  3. Lol if Otonashi wanted to save everyone, then Kanade should have been included in the list. Wishful thinking on his part to make Kanade stay with him in purgatory. Well, at least I didn’t laugh at him, although I didn’t feel too sorry for him either.

    The show was a bit of a mess, but it’s at least a watchable mess.

  4. There is no sufficient evidence to prove that God exist
    There is no sufficient evidence to disprove the existence of God
    There is no sufficient evidence to prove that God can be blamed for everything that goes wrong in your life
    There is no sufficient evidence to disprove that either

    God was a red herring as far as plot goes. The only reason why God was brought up in Angel Beats was so Yuri could stop being hung up on it and come to terms with her real desire

  5. Ugh, you were quite blunt there. I don’t think Otonashi was that bad of a guy. He wanted to help everyone, it was part of his attitude. Even the whole SSS realized that they had to move on, it’s not like Otonashi forced them.
    At the end maybe he was acting a bit selfish, but seriously, who wants to be separated from the boy/girl you love? I really felt for him when Kanade disappeared in his arms. The epilogue after the ED was a bit anticlimatic though, but I still liked it.
    Overall, the series as a whole was a real mess of ideas, but still a good watch.

    Here crossing fingers for a KyoAni full remake… it happened with Kanon, so who knows what might happen?

  6. There is nothing bad with Otonashi making SSS move on. As happy as they might have looked, they also spent every day in regret. And spending the rest of your life in regret is not something nice.

  7. So.. there wasn’t much romance in this anime at all… that sorta sucked for me. Also, i wanted to see all the SSS members graduate together, it would have been cooler. All in all, for me, this episode sucked sooooo bad, it ruined the series. i hated the last episode. compared to the action pack and comedy from the previous episodes, this episode was just plain boring. and i did laugh at otonashi when he was grabbing at air. laughed HARD.
    I’m sorry. i can’t think of anything nice to say about this last episode. I disliked Yuri’s sudden personality change, although i was happy with her finally letting go, that part of her MADE her character, and when she became some bubbly out-of-there person, it made me upset. i expected the Otonashi-asking-kanade-to-stay-in-the-world-and-help-others scene, which made it even more boring. This episode was soo boring! i fast forwarded it so many times. I actually LOVE the anime itself (excluding the last episode) it was NOT a total mess!! >:E
    The ending after the ending song i expected as well, except i didn’t expect for them to only use otonashi and kanade. i was imagining happiness, scenes of each character (main ones) walking along the streets or something (yuri talking to friends, TK dancing, Hinata doing his own thing, whataverr) but i don’t really like kanade LOL, and i found it unsatisfying that the ending only showed otonashi’s hand reach out to kanade, it was just.. selfish. i wanted to see all the characters. UGH. this is me completely trashing the last episode. i can’t help it, i have nothing better to say >____>
    i<3 YURIPPE though :DDD

  8. I have to say it’s interesting how a series I was less impressed with actually got a higher comment rate :). But really sorry it took a while to get to the replies.

    That’d be nice, though I guess good CD sales will just encourage doing more of that. It’s not like I disliked Yui and Iwasawa it’s just that their focus episodes seemed more about an excuse for another single than anything else.

    Kanade was a great part of the series and I just wish her past was delved into some more. It seemed like her entire back-story came in a 30 second span right at the end of the series. There were some subtle hints, but I think her character development could have been smoother.

    I’m not sure why the SSS moving on bothered me so much. Maybe it’s just that their entire efforts seemed completely meaningless. We can assume many had terrible lives and were really forced out of that world by necessity rather than any real resolution. Their reasons were more about not wanting to be NPC’s than thinking their mission and struggle was wrong. Besides I think there was interesting potential with that world. I mean it’s a bit different than the usual kind of purgatory scenario. They had a real ability to affect a lot of that world. If you can change things and make fresh experiences is it that wrong to stay until you are satisfied? Besides it’s like suicide to just leave since mostly the person you are will vanish. They might already be technically dead, but it’s a question of having another death.

    In the end I guess one has to leave since they can’t really fight ‘God’ or change the way the living world functions. I just wasn’t a fan of all the subterfuge and plotting behind everyone’s back. It was like admitting what they were doing was wrong. It’s not like they didn’t have eternity to move on, it was Otonashi who decided it needed to be hurried along and he would deal with every single person if he had to.

    Definitely a difference between a watchable mess and just a mess you drop after a few episodes. There were things that could have been done differently, but we got to the end of the series because it was watchable.

    Well I think in this situation it’s alright to assume God’s existence. Otherwise we have a real issue figuring out how some things worked out like that. Something intervened that held Otonashi back long enough for Kanade to receive his heart, live a life, and die. Whether the intentions was to help Kanade since only Otonashi could or whether it was to deal with the SSS is hard to say. Sadly the series really didn’t seem to care about dealing with some of these issues and just left them unexplained.

    Yeah I was probably overly blunt with Otonashi in the second half of the series. It was mostly that his actions and thoughts rubbed me the wrong way. I do think that his attempts to save people showed some serious issue since he took things farther than the average person who just wanted to help his friends would. During that flashback to his life he willingly hurt his chances by refusing water due to the guy who tried to steal. Sure he could figure out he might have internal injuries, but he ruined what chances he might have left just to insure that others would get more water and survive. Still it doesn’t mean he’s a bad person for wanting to help, just that he could take things too far.

    I’m kind of curious how things would have ended up if the shadows hadn’t turned up. I mean when he first talked to the group they were hardly receptive. Their motivation for leaving seemed more to do with not ending up as a NPC and having their ‘souls’ taken away.

    Think a remake down the road might be good for the show. It really needed more time than it got to tell the story.

    I think the regret part of it is overplayed. I mean how many people live their lives in regret? There are just some things that can’t be changed after they have been done. Just think they deserved to take their time and move on when they wanted to.

    Yeah there were a few pairings but they really only came together in a few minutes before being separated. Certainly if anyone was seeking out romance this was not the series for them to follow.

    It is kind of nice to have someone who had such strong feelings about the last episode. There were a lot of things one could have issues with. It’s kind of amazing how 90% of the SSS vanished off-screen thus saving time from actually focusing on them. I really didn’t think that when the few members left came to help Otonashi that they would never be seen again. After all the time the group spent together it was just shortened down to that small group.

    Yuri’s personality shift was pretty jarring. I mean yes you could expect some difference after having accepted things. But she’s been living with that guilt and the weight of leadership for a very long time. I don’t think she can just drop all of that and completely change her personality in such a short period. Sure they didn’t have enough time left to slowly move her to a more goofy person, but it definitely felt weird.

    It’s too bad the ending was so focused on Otonashi and Kanade. They probably could have fit a small scene of showing the other characters if they shortened that song or spent less time handing out the graduation certificates. Of course maybe the truth is that they all got reincarnated into rabbits, :). Though I suppose it’s strange enough that Otonashi and Kanade managed to reincarnate into exact duplicates of each other.

    Yuri really ended up as one of my favourite characters in the series. Had a difficult past that molded her into the person she was. She was pretty solid as a leader and was always willing to step forward. Plus when the chance to get lost in power presented itself she refused to fall that low.

  9. Hey Jysessica, I know you probably wont see this but that Otonashi grabbing air scene cracked me up too! I even made a clip of him grabbing air for 4 minutes because it looked so ridiculous. (At least in Kanon, Yuuichi grabbing Ayu before she vanished was a little romantic, (he didn’t go clutching at the air when she was gone either…he just froze in horror which would make more sense if it happened to me.)

    (Also whats with the cheesy pop…I mean look around, there’s no one there so who is singing it?! It just breaks the immersion feeling… At least Key was smart enough to use atmospheric BGM in that scene…)

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