Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 62

The final battle against Father begins and Al makes a crucial decision.


Wow this was a pretty packed episode with a lot of action. As expected an all-out battle against Father was going to get pretty messy. Sure he had lost all those souls, but he still had quite a few left and was going to be hard to deal with. I’m impressed at how useful the members of Briggs were in this situation. I think even forcing Father to defend actually had a use since it was using up some souls in order to keep the attacks from directly hitting.

Al really made a huge sacrifice there in order to help his brother out. It actually made sense due to the armor being in a terrible condition. It was impossible to fight so really it was fine to leave the battlefield and go back to his body. The most he could do was restore that arm and hope for the best. Of course it was hard on Ed to have Al make that kind of sacrifice and Father paid the price for it. That guy really made a bad move continuing to go after Ed after being beaten that badly. Taking one soul wasn’t going to change anything except infuriate those around him. It seems like the battle against Father is just about done since he really can’t stand up to Ed’s fury based attacks. Though I kind of wonder how it will end since Ed has stuck with this moral stance of not killing. He was pretty brutal even having that blade cut through Father’s head. Will he be so angry about Al that he will cross the line?

I liked how Mustang managed to get back into the battle. It made sense that Hawkeye would help him out in that regard. With her precision it was easy to give him the exact position of Father. It only did so much damage due to his defense, but still the fact Mustang could stay part of this was a good thing.

I was wondering what Greed was going to do in these last few episodes. It was clear he wanted power and tried to jump in when the souls were being gathered. In the end Ling pointed out the simplicity of this homunculi’s wish. He just wanted friends and comrades that would stand by him. Maybe that explains why he fell off the map before being discovered earlier in the series. He had that gang around and wasn’t motivated to chase after lofty things like ultimate power. I wonder how things will end with this Greed/Ling combo. Maybe they will just stay with it and return to Xing?

It seems the final battle will be against Truth. Ed still has to get back Al’s body and his leg after all. Besides I think after all that has happened it will be a serious argument about what Truth has been doing in taking body parts away from people who open the gate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ed tries to get back Mustang’s sight since he never wanted to open the gate and it’s just ridiculous to take that away for no reason. Not sure if he will push harder for Izumi’s internal organs or anything, but it is possible. The last episode should be something special that’s for sure.

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