Angel Beats! – 12

Yuri confronts the cause of the shadows while the SSS has one final battle.


Well I pretty much expected the massacre that this episode turned into. I can’t blame the band for vanishing since even they realized that after losing 2 lead singers there just wasn’t any point. We can assume a lot of the SSS vanished in this episode and thus aren’t an issue any longer. The question now is how many of the main members that we’ve seen throughout the series are still there? Obviously at the end we saw Yuri, Otonashi, Naoi, Kanade, and Hinata. The others were last seen fighting the shadows and might have vanished when they realized Yuri would have her support. Still it’s possible they are still there and we will just have to wait and see.

So the main enemy of the shadow attack was some AI program. Ironic that it was Yuri’s love for everyone and perhaps Otonashi’s as well that caused the shadows to strike. It wasn’t about staying too long in that world, but the fact that people were happy and yet still there. I’d feel pretty annoyed talking to that guy since he really couldn’t care less about what was going on. He was a really ambivalent character that was just there to give some answers to Yuri and propose a pretty interesting option.

I’m not sure what I would have done in Yuri’s place. The ability to alter that world at a high level is pretty appealing. I’m not sure if you could remove the vanishing if you feel satisfied option since if you could that would make it a place you could enjoy without fear. Of course it would trap people who actually wanted to move on so it might pose some logistical problems. It was a lot of power, but I couldn’t see Yuri taking it. She has been fighting against God and having the power to be one would be pretty weird. In the end destroying the computers was the right decision. She cared too much to just take that power and abuse it. Though it makes you wonder about that world which such an odd system in place.

So it seems everyone is going to vanish in the next episode. I thought Yuri might fight on, but I guess she really can’t do it alone. If her new family is going to go then she can only want to follow them. She couldn’t follow her siblings, but this time she can so I guess anyone would take that route. The weird thing is that this does feel like suicide even though she is dead. There doesn’t feel like anyone that would refuse to move on at this point. Noda will do what Yuri wants and if that is disappearing then he will do it. Hinata and Naoi are behind Otonashi so they aren’t a problem either.

It leaves me feeling weird about the whole purgatory thing. In a sense moving on shouldn’t be a bad thing since people have to move forward. But right now we don’t have a clue what happens to those who vanish. Are people going to some kind of heaven or is it a reincarnation kind of thing? Really if it’s the second I can’t agree with it since you are truly dying in that case. Is it better to just move on or keep the person that you are? I’ll wait until the last episode to put my thoughts on this whole thing.

So the crisis has passed, but it appears to be the end of the SSS. In the end they really didn’t accomplish much at all, but I guess it was impossible to fight against God or the world. I just hope we will get some more background on Kanade and what really happens to the people who vanish. If it’s left vague I won’t be satisfied.


Virtual Reality – Well I think this theory got a boost due to the focus on technology this episode. I mean you have a program created that can affect the world at a high level and an AI that was programmed to act based on a sensor of love. There is so much technical stuff involved in this series that the virtual theory still holds some water. If everyone feels like they had a happy school life then they might accept returning to whatever hell their real life is. I mean Yui might feel optimistic about being unable to move if she has those memories behind her.

Purgatory – Everyone in the series seems to be acting on the belief this world is an afterlife. Anything in some higher plane can be explained as being mystical in nature. Maybe programs and computers were put there because of the technical nature of the current times. For people in the past perhaps there were other more appropriate devices for taking action like the ability to turn dirt into weapons. The sight of her siblings that Yuri saw could have been some mystical show and not just a hallucination that she was having. This episode didn’t give a ton of evidence about it being purgatory except in how the world functions. It would make sense for a purgatory to make people vanish when they felt love and happiness. In the end I think this is the more likely theory since the virtual one would be a curve ball if used in the last episode.

3 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – 12”

  1. This episode answered the thing about the shadows (in a confusing, not satisfying way) but there is still no concrete answers about the nature of the world. I thought Angel Beats might have had a chance of righting itself, but it didn’t happen. Hopefully next episode will at least be sentimental enough to leave us with something other than “wut?”

  2. I’m not up to date with the current episode but what I suppose I can say is many of the characters in the anime doesn’t want to disappear and accept their death thus they start rebelling against the protaganist, angel and only one of the vocalist from episode 3 got her wish and vanished. There’s too many things that I don’t get, how did each character died and got to that “afterworld” and why isn’t it included that only the settings can only be within the school boundaries?

  3. I’m expecting an OVA. There’s no way to reasonably fit an explanation for the world, Tenshi’s flashback, a happy ending, and an epilogue in 20 minutes.

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