Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 61

Hohenheim and Scar’s plans activate in order to counter Father.


This series just never fails to deliver some epic moments. It really seemed hopeless last episode, but of course things couldn’t end just like that. I have to give Hohenheim a ton of credit since it was his actions that saved the entire country. But we can’t forget about the role Scar and his people played in this. If they hadn’t made it so Ed and company could use their alchemy it would have been an even more difficult fight. Father really got surprised and paid for looking down on people so much. The final battle is still going to be difficult, but now there is a chance to win after those plans were put into action. I think Ed’s words were interesting in that he named Father and Truth as being ones he was going to beat up. So even after Father is dealt with I don’t think things will be completely concluded. The gate will definitely be part of things before the end if only due to Al’s body still being there.

So that’s what Hohenheim had been up to for all this time. It must have taken an extremely long time to do the calculations and set up the various philosopher stones. At least this explains what took him so long. It’s pretty amazing how he figured out the best action to take from his position. It was a lot of work, but really Hohenheim did save the people who had been killed. I feel for those souls who couldn’t get back to their bodies, but I’m sure they found some peace knowing that they saved 50 million people.

We also get to see the end of Pride at long last. He was truly a powerful enemy and did a lot of damage before the end. It seems that his move against Mustang was costly since he really couldn’t fight very well in these last few episodes. I suppose it makes some sense since he would have been incredibly difficult to stop if he was at 100%. Still he nearly stole Ed’s body and that would have turned the tables. It’s weird that Ed owes Kimblee for saving him, but that’s just how things worked out. It didn’t change Kimblee’s fate, but it did allow for him to pay back Pride for what he did. The weird thing is that it was done only because of Kimblee’s beliefs and not because he wanted to help Ed or anything. To the very end Kimblee was really one of a kind. I do wonder what the future has in store for Pride. He was reduced to that state and seems to have a new chance at life. I’m not sure if he’ll retain his memories in which case this would be a punishment for someone with his level of Pride. It could also be a complete rebirth and a chance for Selim to truly live his life.

Wrath truly was the most bad-ass character in the series. I mean even with a critical injury he fought that well and nearly killed someone as strong as Scar. No matter the damage that guy just kept on attacking which is a frightening thing for anyone against him. Only a few could sell losing their arms and attacking purely with a blade between the teeth. For Wrath it’s completely believable that he could do that and almost kill Scar with that move. After all the damage he did the man just gets to move along peacefully; truly a tragic existence for Wrath being raised for that role and living almost constantly in battle. He will definitely be remembered if only because of the amount of characters he managed to kill before the end.

I can only imagine how Hawkeye felt after seeing Mustang in that condition. She knew he likely paid some kind of price like Ed, though she couldn’t possibly know what it would be. Finding out he was blinded knowing his dreams would hurt her pretty badly. Still I have to think now that they’ve reunited that Mustang isn’t done yet. I mean with Hawkeye at his side does he really need his eyesight? The aid of a sniper should allow him somehow to get back into this battle and he will definitely be needed.

Now everything comes down to the fight against Father. He is still incredibly powerful and anyone nearby is in danger of having their souls stolen away. In order for everyone to move forward that guy has to be stopped. If allowed to get away he could easily start everything over again and the cost would be high. I can’t wait to see how the series wraps up since it has been a great ride so far.

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  1. Regarding Kimblee, I see him as an evolved homuncülus quite in contrast to the comment Ed delivered Pride about how the lad sees Greed as an evolved human.

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