Angel Beats! – 11

The Shadow attacks forces Yuri to give the SSS an extreme choice.


Wow so even Naoi joined up with this effort. Though I suppose his worshiping of Otonashi would mean he would join in something like that. It was getting a little weird with those guys arguing over Otonashi. I’m really starting to wonder if they both swing that way (poor Yui).

Damn have to give Yuri some credit. She realized what Otonashi was up to and even called him right out on it. Also I’m impressed she handled the whole thing that maturely. I really expected calling him a traitor right at the start of that assembly and kicking him out from the battlefront. Whether it’s because the situation was dire it was impressive to let him speak his mind to the group. At least I respect that more than Otonashi’s actions of working in the shadows and going after members like that. While his motives weren’t bad, I just couldn’t respect the sneakiness about it. I feel for Yuri who while calm must have felt hurt that Otonashi and even Hinata were doing this behind her back without saying anything. The lack of trust that she would accept an alternate point of view was apparent. Now she’s off trying to settle everything by herself with the assumption that most would be gone even if she succeeded in stopping the one behind it.

Wow Otonashi was blown away by the Kanade not being an angel information. I suppose her goals would make one thing she was some angel. Yet he was told right from the start that she wasn’t and Tenshi was more of a codename than anything. I guess he got so caught up in it that he forgot or something.

Everyone definitely has a tough decision to make. Do they continue to fight on despite the risks or do they just try and disappear? When the enemy was just Kanade the danger was limited for them. Maybe they would be pushed towards going to class and disappearing, but at least that didn’t seem like a complete negative. With the shadows they are going to completely lose who they are and be trapped without any will of their own. Definitely a cruel fate to be stuck as an NPC forever.

Anyways we are getting near the end of the series and it’s getting pretty interesting. I mean these shadows and the threat give a real possibility of most of the Battlefront vanishing all at once. Still I’m not sure what is going to happen with Yuri going after the person behind these shadows by herself. I really wonder if they can conclude this series properly with the time they have remaining. They still have to reveal the truth about that world and I’d like to actually know what happens to those who vanish. It should be an interesting finish to the show no matter what the truth ends up being.


Virtual Reality – All the programming does again hint at the possibility that this is a virtual world of some sort. Strange how the soulless people (NPC) can be turned into shadows and transformed like that. Plus as always the ability to change Kanade’s powers through programs makes it seem possible this is some kind of virtual world. Of course the shadows themselves are strange since I can’t imagine people being forced to leave if the purpose was to help people find reasons to live on.

Purgatory – This theory again seems to have some basis from what we’ve seen. I mean it might make sense that people who refuse to work out their problems in purgatory would be punished for it. Of course that depends on God being responsible for the shadows which may not be correct. Besides the strange rules of that world would make some sense if a strange God was deciding that’s how things should be. It seems like the people in there are given incredible freedoms such as Kanade’s powers. If it was virtual there should be a purpose and yet people are allowed to interfere with each other to such an extreme. I’m not sure which theory is right even this far into the series.

3 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – 11”

  1. Lol Otonashi seems to have a tendency to be surprised by the obvious. It’s the same when Kanade mentioned the world was for those young people who had unfulfilled wishes in life.

    Kind of wished that Yuri would try to kick Otonashi’s ass. That would have been fun (in a not very intelligent way).

  2. @TJ
    Impressive that we managed to comment on each other’s blogs at almost the same time.

    I have to agree Otonashi has always been surprised rather easily. His imagination tends to go overboard so it’s not surprising he just accepted Kanade as being a real angel without thinking much about it. With that imagination the obvious tends to slip by him.

    Don’t think I would have had a problem no matter how Yuri handled Otonashi’s actions. I mean him getting beaten up would be satisfying since he was sneaking around. Maybe Yuri blames herself thinking it’s her fault that no one trusted her enough to speak up openly about their thoughts.

  3. Yuri’s reaction simply made me more impressed with her character. She wasn’t this dictator of these rebels, she truly wanted others to be happy so is fine with them doing what they feel is best, just helping and leading them to that point whatever it may be.

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