Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 60

Father puts his plan into motion while Scar and Wrath have a duel.


Just wow. Honestly this series just manages to amaze me again and again each week. I mean how on earth you do respond to what happened at the end of this episode. No doubt a lot of people will be thinking Evangelion with the end of this episode. I mean the end of the country and everyone just dying was pretty horrifying. Even though we know things will be alright in the end it’s still a shocking sight. I mean everyone we’ve seen in this series just starts dying all at once. Obviously a hard part was with Winry who got a bit longer moment due to her importance to the Elric brothers. It was just an epic moment with that massive gate opening up on the planet and then on the moon. Really it’s just one of those unbelievable moments that you can’t quite wrap your head around after watching it once.

Everyone was just fighting desperately to try and survive. May just gave everything she had against Father though it’s not a surprise that she couldn’t win. Still was a bit worrying to see her so badly injured and unable to heal herself fast enough. Good save by Al who gets a kind of reward for not taking his body back right then. Even still it wasn’t enough to stop Father from starting his plan up. I feel for Mustang who is completely helpless during this period. He goes from being able to just own Envy to being blind and unable to fight at all. Even though Pride is weakened himself from opening up the gate it’s hardly a great exchange for the alchemists. They were just struggling on until the time was right for Father to start up his plan. He really didn’t care what they did since he just had to remain patient. I have to give Greed credit for trying to jump in there. You did wonder just where he was all this time, but sadly for him Father predicted his move.

A pretty impressive fight between Wrath and Scar. Of course it got cut short due to Father’s plan getting started. It just shows how insanely strong Wrath is to continue fighting so well despite being fatally injured. Scar really gave a great effort and using his other arm really helped save him. Too bad it ends more or less in a draw at least until we see what happens next in the show. I do wonder if Wrath will last long enough to go see his wife one more time. Just feel that they keep going back to her and if he’s still alive it’s not a terrible move.

Hopefully what the Ishbalan’s plan will help save the day. They had to be moving with an objective in mind that was related to what Father was doing. Don’t think they focused on what was happening to them during the massacre at the end. Really it’s one of the last hopes that they have unless Ed and company have their own card to play.

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