Angel Beats! – 10

Otonashi goes after Yui and engages in various activities to help her move on.


Well looks like Hinata has been lured into this group. It seemed odd how he just seemed to join without much conversation behind it. Maybe they talked during that time playing baseball. If Otonashi’s turning on the SSS will hurt Yuri, I can only imagine what Hinata’s will cause. Really one comfort from this episode was the number of times Yui tried to use the German Suplex on him. If Otonashi had to tell this many lies to get one member to vanish it’s going to be a long job for him. It was kind of an odd moment with the planning over whom to go after. Really is like picking off the weak link in a pack. No way is he going to try for hard ones like Yuri at the start. Suppose it might also be a case of building up confidence before taking on the really challenging ones.

It was nice to get into Yui’s character a little bit. There was nothing too extreme other than watching her attempts at various sports. Would have thought she would have a laundry list of things she would want to do. In the end it was something simple that she wanted. I wouldn’t know the difficulties of being paralyzed to that degree, but I can imagine it would be tough to just get around to interact with others much less build up a relationship. The end was nice for her even though it’s hard to say what she is heading out into. Plus wish they had made more moments with her and Hinata to just make that scene work better.

It looks like the band is again without a lead. I really wish Otonashi would consider the problems he is making by taking away band members. Without a vocalist it’s going to be tough to pull off any distraction operations. Though I suppose with Otonashi telling Kanade everything they were pretty hopeless to begin with.

As always the series continues to amaze me. Even though Otonashi is still on his mission it seems another threat has appeared. I feel for Yuri since it seems like her job never ends. Right after dealing with that huge battle against the clones she now has this mysterious problem. Hopefully in dealing with this we will get more insight into just what this world is about. Theories can bounce around, but we really won’t know anything for certain until they reveal the truth.


Virtual Reality – This episode seemed to give a boost to the artificial world theory. I mean Hinata talked about the real world and that it didn’t matter what kind of condition her body is in. That’s the kind of thing you’d bring up if there was a body to return to. I mean if they are dead than whatever state her body was in it shouldn’t really matter. Yui seems to fall into the category of character’s that have a vague death. I mean we really didn’t get any answer as to why she died. It could have been possible health complications, but nothing was said for certain. If she is in a coma then waking up would almost be hell. Going from having so much fun to being paralyzed would be horrific.

Purgatory – I don’t think the afterlife theory gained much out of this episode. It’s possible that Hinata and Yui were talking about meeting after reincarnation or something. But considering they really don’t know what is going to happen after someone vanishes it seems odd. Besides there wouldn’t be any reason to talk about medical conditions if it was reincarnation. That scene was odd in a few ways. I swear the series goes back and forth so often that I can’t figure out just what is the truth.

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  1. I dont think Yui will felt sad because i think she finally accept she paralyzed state and of course thanks to Hinata love confession and propose,i think she finally happy that someone willing to marry her despite her condition.

    Also i think Otonashi didnt die,instead undergo coma stage.My theory is doctor manage save Otonashi body,however they found out due to 7 days of dehydration,malnutrition and internal bleeding,his brain started to dying which explain Otonashi loss of memory despite no brain injury.I think doctor were unable to stop his brain degeneration and if keeps on like this,his brain will go dead.Of course i think 1 doctor come up with Virtual Reality treatment to allow the brain continue to active and stop degenerate by allow those coma patient in virtual reality have school life.Also when those patient become good student or make peace with their trauma,their brain fully recover and doctor will turn off the link for the patient and the patient will awake from their coma and return to reality which explain the dissapearence.

    Another proof is Iwasawa case where i think her brain continue to damage thanks to her stroke,i think that reason she end up in coma not dead and undergo same contdition as Otonashi and end up same treatment as him.Another evidence is Kanade ability somewhat like computer like number.

    If Virtual Reality is correct,i think the ending is that when Otonashi and Yuri dissapear together after Otonashi help Yuri overcome her past trauma,i think they bothwake up in special hospital room and greeted by all SSS member who already awaken.

    I think TK is the the one who behind the Virtual Reality.

  2. Hmm that’s some interesting discussion. It is interesting how we never saw any of the people explicitly pronounced dead. And there is of course the digital nature of Tenshi’s powers. Still it’s hard to say at this point though. Don’t think the series will give up the answer until the last episode.

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