Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 59

The arrival of Wrath and Pride results in Mustang paying a heavy price.


Damn this series can be pretty cruel. I really thought that Mustang was going to avoid opening the gate for a while there. At the end I thought he would do it, but then he threw that curve ball at us along with the rescue. I really didn’t expect Pride and Wrath to arrive on the scene though. Really with two of those powerful guys at the scene it really was impossible to avoid what happened. The preview pretty much made it clear that Mustang was going to lose his sight from going through the gate, but damn seeing how the events unfold made it all the tougher to watch.

The world can be pretty cruel at times. Mustang didn’t want to open the gate and was doing his best to fight for the future of the country. In exchange for that he ends up losing his eyesight. It’s true that he won’t be able to fight very effectively at all when he can’t see. Forcing Mustang to open the gate has not only given Father his 5th sacrifice, but also eliminated one of the most powerful alchemists that could have stood against them. How the heck is Mustang supposed to take over the country in his condition? Is anyone really going to follow someone who can’t see? Not only does it send a message to other nations, but it’d be pretty difficult for Mustang to do his job. Sure you can have Hawkeye assist with work and maybe give him papers in Braille, but it’s still a tough hit. Olivier’s chance of becoming the new ruler just got a massive boost with this turn of events. I feel the same as Ed since it’s just too damn cruel. How can Mustang be forced to pay a price when he didn’t have any intention of opening it? I understand how it resulted, but it just seems wrong to see the result.

Just shows how damn powerful Wrath is. Even with a fatal wound he manages to show up on the scene and completely turn events on their head. Mustang almost had a shot at him, but that speed was too much to handle. Had to be pretty painful as well to get stabbed right through the hands in order to be held down. I think Scar is going to have his hands full even with Wrath not at his best.

Pride really surprised me with his arrival. I did remember he was around, but I didn’t predict he’d show up right then. It completely changed things since if it was just Wrath things might not have gone that badly. Pride’s habits of eating characters helped him out immensely here.

It’s good that Hawkeye survived. Honestly I was worried that she wasn’t going to make it for a while there. The show was pretty mean to give us some peace with seeing her alright and then hit us with the Mustang development. I’m sure finding out his condition will hurt her the most. Even though she wanted to protect him to her best in the end there wasn’t much she could do in that situation.

Al really made a tough decision there. I mean he might not get another chance to go back for his body. It was probably the right call to think that his malnourished body wouldn’t be able to fight very well against all the enemies they are up against. Still this is the kind of decision that could come back to haunt him later. Of course making that kind of decision truly is Al. Since he is the type that would put others ahead of himself.

I’m not sure what to expect from the series now. I mean the main characters are in a pretty bad situation. Father has enough sacrifices to start his plans and there are quite a few injuries to various characters. Sure they managed to defeat a few homunculi, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are in trouble. Hard to believe that a few episodes ago things were looking pretty good and now it’s looking bleak.

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  1. @TJ
    Yeah if there is anything this series has shown us is that no one can be more bad-ass than Wrath. Mustang is close, but just not there. Sadly it’ll be tough for Mustang to have many more bad-ass moments with the condition he is in.

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