Angel Beats! – 09

Otonashi regains more memories and makes a major decision.


Anyways the episode did delve further into Otonashi’s past. I was curious since he survived the crash, but it appears he died from internal injuries. You have to wonder how many organs from someone who died from that kind of injury would really be usable. It was pretty nice to see the whole group deciding to do something even if they were screwed.

It seems that the future is going to be tough for the SSS now. A traitor in their midst is going to make it tougher to accomplish their goals and stay in that world. I can see them getting picked off one by one until some final struggle appears. Who would have guessed that the last boss could actually be Otonashi himself?

This was a pretty big episode in terms of setting things up. The end of the episode showed how things might start to unfold. They managed to survive the numerous clones of Kanade, but their new task will be dangerous since they won’t see it coming. After all Otonashi is trusted so much that few would really see his betrayal coming. His intentions might be positive, but it doesn’t change that he is a traitor. If he was willing to talk to everyone about his feelings that would be one thing, but even Otonashi realizes some won’t want to move on so he is planning on manipulating them to give up and move on. He has no idea what really happens after someone vanishes and yet he’s made this unilateral decision. Who does Otonashi think he is? His actions are in the same general area as Naoi who would manipulate using hypnosis to make the SSS vanish.


Virtual Reality – I don’t see this theory gaining much from the latest episode. We still have Kanade’s powers being affected by the computer, but that’s nothing new. It’s possible that Otonashi was put onto some kind of life support, went into surgery and barely survived. The theory isn’t killed, but it would mean that Kanade likely doesn’t know much about the truth.

Purgatory – Well this does seem much more probable now. With Otonashi’s injuries it seems almost impossible that he could have survived. Kanade herself even talked about the purpose of that world. It’s hard to believe she would be lying to Otonashi since it seems out of character for her. Their conversation seemed to point toward this being a world for people to work out their problems and have some happiness that their real lives lacked.

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  1. “Who does Otonashi think he is? His actions are in the same general area as Naoi who would manipulate using hypnosis to make the SSS vanish.”


    I’d also like to use this comment to theorize something: Yuri committed suicide. As she so vehemently stated to Otonashi when they first descended to Guild, “people who commit suicide don’t end up here.” How does she know that? My guess is that she doesn’t and doesn’t want to further discuss the circumstances surrounding her death.

    Furthermore, who is Yuri to lead a brigade dedicated to finding out why their lives were so miserable when she herself gave up (i.e. killed herself) and was unable to resolve her own misery in life? I believe this is why Yuri is so fast to disagree with Otonashi whenever he declares her to be “strong.”

    Otonashi is dropping very low on my list of likable people in AB, yes, but until Yuri proves my death theory wrong, she is no better than him. If that is the case, that Yuri truly did commit suicide, that makes her a cowardly leader, unable to admit the truth to the people who love and trust her so much.

  2. I REALLY hope that if you watched Code Geass, that you AREN’T a Lelouch fan, because you’re a complete hypocrite if you do like Lulu.

    His methods is as bad as Naoi, HOW? Naoi wants to erase them because they are in the way. Otonashi wants to have them rest in peace. There’s a difference between them.

    Here’s an example: If a driver saw a crashed car with it’s driver that’s unconscious (due to choking) and decides to help. The driver gives CPR, calls ambulance and etc. But HOWEVER, there was a document (inside the car that the driver did not discover while resuscitating the patient) that says ‘Do not resuscitate’. Now would you say that it was selfish of the driver to help the unconscious person?

    Also, most if not all of SSS wants to move on, (in one way or another) because they have a small urge that they want to be in peace (even if it’s as small as 10 percent).

    And from this ep and previous eps. Do you REALLY think that Otonashi will force others to disappear?

  3. @Sarah
    I do wonder about Yuri. She obviously lived a few years after that terrible robbery. It’s possible that she killed herself, but Otonashi’s past shows that things can happen after a major event. It’s entirely possible she died from something unrelated, but that loss still pushes her forward. Not being strong could simply mean that she can’t see someone that couldn’t protect her family as being strong at all. Do wonder if we will get to see something about her death eventually. Hard to say anything until we get more flashbacks.

    Wasn’t a huge fan of Lelouch so I’m in the clear there. I think you are also confusing methods with motivation. Naoi and Otonashi are both going to manipulate the SSS to vanish. Naoi used hypnotism and Otonashi will use planning. They had different reasons for what they are doing, but the methods aren’t far apart.

    Of course it wasn’t selfish since the person had no idea at the time. Otonashi has full knowledge about what he is doing. I mean he is having Kanade go back to fighting the SSS to distract them from what he is doing.

    I’m sorry did you take a poll from the SSS? They are there because they don’t want to move on. Now it’s possible some aren’t that committed to being there, but I think it’s a stretch to say they all want to move on.

    I think he will force them. No matter how pretty the motivations he is manipulating them due to his own beliefs. Recovering his memories has really changed his mindset. He really feels the need to save everyone. Think he’s gotten close to developing a savior complex after losing his sister.

  4. I think Otonashi try to make everyone in SSS found peace within them.

    By he way,i think Otonashi did not die,instead undergo coma stage.My theory is doctor manage save Otonashi body,however they found out due to 7 days of dehydration,malnutrition and internal bleeding,his brain started to dying which explain Otonashi loss of memory despite no brain injury.I think doctor were unable to stop his brain degeneration and if keeps on like this,his brain will go dead.Of course i think 1 doctor come up with Virtual Reality treatment to allow the brain continue to active and stop degenerate by allow those coma patient in virtual reality have school life.Also when those patient become good student or make peace with their trauma,their brain fully recover and doctor will turn off the link for the patient and the patient will awake from their coma and return to reality which explain the dissapearence.

    Another proof is Iwasawa case where i think her brain continue to damage thanks to her stroke,i think that reason she end up in coma not dead and undergo same contdition as Otonashi and end up same treatment as him.Another evidence is Kanade ability somewhat like computer like number.

    If Virtual Reality is correct,i think the ending is that when Otonashi and Yuri dissapear together after Otonashi help Yuri overcome her past trauma,i think they bothwake up in special hospital room and greeted by all SSS member who already awaken.

    I think TK is the the one who behind the Virtual Reality.

  5. I do have to interject here too. I’ve been a bit behind but finally saw this episode. While Otonashi may be in the very long run doing the same thing Naoi was, making others disapear, he is in no way doing the same thing as him.

    Naoi was making them disappear for his benefit. he was just effectively erasing their past lives, making them meaningless and Otonashi is, in that way, doing the very opposite. His goal is not to erase them, but to put them at peace. Yes, in doing that they will disappear but its the motives and the methods that make all the difference between a noble action and an evil one.

    Otonashi is simply trying to let them move on, he’s trying to help them because this isn’t the first show to deal with something like purgatory, or being able to accept thins. Holding on isn’t good for people, and he’s trying to help them to accept their lives, not make them forget it like Naoi was.

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