Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 58

Wrath is defeated and Mustang is forced to make a difficult decision.


This series just keeps leaving us with pretty intense situations to deal with. The situation below Central just got a lot more intense. I should have realized, but with Ed gone the situation was a lot worse. Just losing one person gave those failed Bradley’s an advantage and they really took it. Now Mustang is left with a horrible decision to make and one that could cost him everything. I’m not sure what other choice he had with Hawkeye bleeding out on the ground. Its obvious how he feels and he won’t just leave her to die. No matter how strong her resolve is; when someone loses too much blood it’s all over.

The problem is that no one just goes through the gate without paying a heavy toll in exchange. Just looking at Izumi and Al will show enough evidence at how high the price can be. Ed actually got off pretty lightly with only losing a limb. Mustang is trying to take over the country and losing key organs would really damage his chances. We can speculate as to what he will have to pay, but the preview seemed to hint enough at what that price will end up being. I really hate the series for leaving us with such a huge cliffhanger.

The Greed vs. Wrath fight ended a bit differently than I expected. But I suppose that taking that stab wound and the eye injury was too much for Wrath. Unlike other homunculi he is different and so he couldn’t just regenerate from those injuries. I did somewhat expect him to just grab the sword used to stab him and fight back with his best. But I guess Ling and Greed were smart enough to avoid letting him do that. I’m still not sure the man is dead since he really is pretty durable.

Those Central soldiers really picked a bad place to fight. They just got annihilated by Greed and got a taste of what it was like being against Bradley. Really for those types it’s pretty much impossible to go against Greed. With his body completely covered their guns wouldn’t really do damage. I feel bad for Ling and Ran Fan since losing Fu had to be painful for the both of them. He gave his life to help Ling and did a great job considering his opponent.

Also have to mention the end for Buccaneer. That guy really fought with everything he had even though he didn’t stand a chance against Bradley. He was a pretty impressive person and was truly loyal to Olivier. Even though he didn’t live to see the end, the man did defend her goals. You can tell how hard his loss was for Olivier, but considering her position there wasn’t time for grief. She ordered the soldiers of Briggs there and casualties were inevitable. If she stopped to cry right there then his loss might have been for nothing. They really don’t have much time to fool around.

Hard to believe Hohenheim was taken down like that. Considering how strong he is, I can’t see Izumi and Ed having much of a chance. At least the guy has turned into quite the final villain with that black appearance. We can’t forget that Pride is still out there and will definitely be a difficult opponent to deal with.

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