My Yui Dollfie’s Arrival

Well, my second Dollfie, Yui arrived a while ago and I was finally able to get some pictures of her. The pictures themselves aren’t the greatest, I’m still working with a bad camera but I’m soon getting a dslr and when I do I’ll take lots of pictures of both my girls. I got Yui not too long after my first Dollfie, Mashiro. Although I didn’t have a lot of money at the time Yui is one of my all time favorite characters and the Dollfie was too damn cute to pass up, so I had to have her.

For now, here’s some pictures of Yui.

Just some pictures of Yui’s box, with Nendoroid Yui wondering what this box could possibly mean.

Yui waving hello.

Yui showing off her guitar with the other Yui incarnations.

Yui comes with her winter uniform shown here. I also managed to get her summer uniform. Seeing as how its more summer now than winter, for now I’ve decided to keep her in her summer uniform. Also, Volk’s is out of stock on the body stocking and I don’t want Yui to stain, so I’ll have to wait before leaving her in the dark fabric of her winter uniform.

Shots of her in the aforementioned summer uniform.

Yui and Mashiro together.

Yui trying to play another guitar, but it turns out too big for her.

Yui playing on my phone.

Yui watching herself on her seires.

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