K-On!! Second Season – Midway Impressions – More Of The Same, Yet Great

While it seems like a lot of shows have different focusing in subsequent seasons, so far this season really just feels like the first. It doesn’t really add a whole lot that’s new; they aren’t spending any more time than before focusing on one aspect of it. I kept trying to look for things they were doing different, a more serious look at the characters, or problems and drama, or perhaps showcasing certain bits of humor, but really, it’s just like the first season…and its awesome. There was nothing wrong with the first season. I loved it, and I watched the second season because I liked the first, I’m very glad it keeps up the same kind of content. Now I don’t mean that this is similar to the first as in its boring and is using the same stuff over again. It’s simply the way they go about the show that hasn’t changed, and that’s the part that worked for me, and worked for this show. So far they’ve done a great job with the second season. It’s very funny, and the characters they had already spent the first season having fun with, are just as great here. While this season is effectively more of the same, it does it in the best way possible.

I do want to note about the episode that didn’t feature any of the main four girls at all. I thought it was quite interesting and I was a bit surprised how much I liked it. It kind of made me realize that while the show is helped tremendously by these incredibly fun characters, that even without them the show itself isn’t nothing. The episode was great, and hilarious, and while it may not have been the best, it was very entertaining and doing that without four of the main cast was pretty good. It’s just something about the direction that the humor takes, these kind of quick little jabs at the charactes, no matter who they are, doing different things. It really feels like these characters are just hanging out together and joking around like you would find in life. That’s why even without a heavy influence on music, this show works. The show was never about music, or a music club, the show was about these characters that simply came tougher because of that.

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