Mayoi Neko Overrun – Midway Impressions

It would seem obvious from the title of this show and one look at one of the main characters that this show involves a cat girl. However, while that may be technically true, right now it isn’t. Pretty much form what they’ve shown, there is no cat girl to be seen anywhere in the series. While, they still have yet to deal with Nozomi’s origins, and confirmed one way or another what she is, even if she is some human form of a cat, she doesn’t really seem to be a cat girl. From the personality they’ve shown, sure she is a fun character, but is nowhere near as out of touch with reality as it seems she should be, or as much as many other characters in her position, in various other anime, are. It just seems that although she does have this mysterious original, and has a problem with her hair sticking out on the sides, she isn’t much of a cat person. That isn’t to say I dislike her character, in fact I think she is the best part of the show, if not the only good part of it. However, it just seems odd. Watching it, I easily forget she has this cat origin. Even if they haven’t talked about it, from how she acts it should be present and the fact I don’t notice her be any different than a slightly weird normal girl, just seems odd and a waste of some other things they could do.

Overall though, for the show I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. I’m not really too surprised or anything. I knew going into the show that the series would be rather iffy and just filled with ecchi moments and slapstick humor, but it still felt that the show had a bit more potential than it’s shown. So far, it’s been relatively stupid, even for a show in its genre. It’s still more or less fun and entertaining to watch, but even for the genre this show is, it’s not as good as I had hoped it would be. Again, I’ll still continue to watch the show, but it isn’t what I hoped it would be. As long as they stop focusing on idiots like the side characters, and more seriously focus on Nozomi and perhaps the relationship between Takumi and miss tsundere, it could be better but having anything like that happen to any degree it makes a difference is doubtful.

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