Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 57

Fu puts everything on the line against Wrath while the battles continue below Central.


The series just keeps on stepping things up. The fight between Wrath and the Greed/Fu duo was pretty intense. The animation just stays at a great level during this most important time of the series.

Fighting against Wrath is truly difficult and incredibly dangerous. Even with Fu and Greed working together it was just impossible to take down Wrath. That eye of his really just tipped the scales beyond belief against the duo. That was a pretty amazing move to swap the blade Fu was using for that small knife which gave Wrath an edge. Wrath’s tactics are really at a high level. He realized it would be easier to take down one opponent so he slowed Greed down with that knife move and quickly went after Fu. One-on-one there are few who can match up to that guy’s skill. Plus how he dealt with that suicide attack was just epic. I mean cutting the tips off the explosives so that they wouldn’t do a thing was impressive.

I have to give credit to Buccaneer who sacrificed his life to help deliver that blow against Wrath; really no happy ending for that guy. It took a double sacrifice to just wound Bradley. It was a good move by Lin to attack at that instant and damage that eye. With that attack there is a real chance to defeat Wrath. He is still an unbelievable opponent and it will not be easy to win. I feel bad for Ran Fan who had to show up at the right time to see her grandfather in such a terrible state. Wrath already cost her arm and now a precious person to her has been lost.

The end of the episode was pretty intense as well. I can’t believe that all those who went through the gate were hit by that move all at once. I guess Izumi waited a little too long before making her escape. It was a surprise to see that creepy man again from Bradley’s past. Since he doesn’t look very different it makes you wonder what that guy is. I also wonder just what happened to everyone. Obviously they aren’t dead, but it’s clear that Father’s plan is moving ahead. It was just shocking to witness.

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