Angel Beats! – 07

Otonashi recovers his memories and the SSS goes fishing.


Well that seems to shoot that slight suicide theory I’d been carrying along. I know Yuri said no one killed themselves, but it seemed really likely considering the terrible pasts of the characters. Still it’s pretty obvious that Otonashi died in an accident. Theories aside it’s pretty clear he had a reason to live and was working toward that. I really thought the suicide idea was possible after his little sister’s death. But it seems he really pulled himself together. His intelligence and physical strength makes sense from working so much and the effort he put into school. It was another pretty sad past with losing his sister like that. Hard to say how long he carried her before he realized she had passed away. I don’t really blame his decision since her condition was worsening and the likely result was that she would have died in a few days or weeks anyways. It certainly has to be frustrating to survive that painful loss, find your goal and then die right before achieving what you set out to do.

Good to know that even after his memories came back Otonashi still has his vivid imagination. Gotta love the dragon in the background while he was talking. Of course it still ended up being a monster, but just not the dragon kind. It seems like Otonashi is more or less the same, but his feelings for wanting to help others now has a source to it. He’s reaching out to Kanade in part due to that mindset. He doesn’t like the idea of her being isolated and lifeless. I just hope he is careful since it’s possible if Kanade develops into a full and energetic person he will disappear. Of course since that would cause her pain he might realize that and not vanish.

As expected Yuri was one of the few who were fine with bringing Kanade along. While people can dislike her for some reasons, she is still a pretty level-headed person. Since she wasn’t the school president any longer, Kanade wasn’t going to obstruct the SSS. Anyways keeping Kanade close might be helpful in figuring things out.

With the current president (who I thought was dead) along they have the power to avoid much trouble. I guess with joining the SSS Naoi doesn’t have to beat up people any longer to avoid disappearing. It’s kind of weird to have Naoi around when he had the group beaten and almost used hypnotism to make them vanish. But I guess the group is so used to getting killed they just shrugged it off. Personally I would have had more of an objection about that guy than Kanade.

The fishing was pretty funny especially when they went after that monster fish. Yui and Hinata have continued their normal banter. Yui is a pretty crazy character, but still brings some extra energy to the group.

Now we have the new Tenshi on the scene; a pretty brutal one that took down Yuri and did some serious damage. It was interesting to have that force showing up since the question of how the SSS can take action was hanging overhead. I mean the point is to fight against God, but if God doesn’t show up there isn’t much you can do directly. It seems that the new Tenshi was made during that move that cut the fish apart. I’m not sure about her motives since she did attack Yuri off-screen. It’s still uncertain if the attack was a declaration of war, retaliation for the fishing, or for something Yuri was doing while the others were serving food. Either way it’s going to get pretty intense with the SSS having their own Tenshi now.

Also I really wonder if this isn’t some game world. There are NPC’s and Tenshi has passive abilities that she can’t shut off, haha.


Virtual Reality – This one is still viable I think. We didn’t really see Otonashi die in this episode. We can say he was pretty badly injured of that there is no doubt. But it is possible he was plugged into some virtual reality to keep his mind active while his body healed. Though it does take away from this world being some suicide rehabilitator. Otonashi was in a train accident and so would have been plugged in for other reasons. The new Tenshi seems to have been created via that ability and not introduced as some new way to deal with the SSS.

Purgatory – I think this one gets a bit more strength after this episode. Otonashi’s death really does seem like a death. If a train derails like we saw, the chances of survival can’t be that high. It certainly matches up with the reason for his memory loss as explained by Kanade in the first episode. I think it’s still arguable either way though I’m still leaning toward this just being a kind of purgatory.

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  1. Well, I’ve been watching Yurippe’s expression for quite some time now, and I keep thinking, what if she was God?

    In many ways Otonashi’s become the one with the most weight in the current world. The present and past council presidents both listen to him, and I get the feeling Yuri only agreed to let Kanade join them because he asked.

    Now if Yuri was God and jealous at being overshadowed, she could create another Tenshi which would serve as an outlet for her feelings, much like Haruhi’s rampaging demons.

    Well, I’m talking blindly.

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