Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 56

Greed takes on Wrath while Hohenheim makes a counter attack against Father.


It’s been a while, but this episode reminded me why Wrath is such a terrifying enemy. I mean he may be somewhat different from the other homunculi, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Really he just tore right through Briggs without a great deal of effort. The man is so bad-ass that he defeated a tank without a problem. Honestly he is one of the few people you just know to run from when you see him. I kind of share Greed’s comment that it’s incredible how skilled he is even though this isn’t his best. If Greed was taking on Wrath from a couple decades ago there wouldn’t even be a contest. With that skill and eye it’s very difficult to deal with Wrath. Backup is pretty much meaningless against him since the guy can even dodge bullets.

Still the positive is that Greed is doing a whole lot better than he did last time. The first time they met it wasn’t even close. Wrath just completely demolished Greed and took what was left of him back to meet Father. The combo with Ling really is doing pretty well. Still it’s going to be tough since just taking Wrath’s attacks is difficult. It’s a good thing some help arrived. There are few that can fight against the homunculi, but the people from Xing are pretty good at it. I’m worried about the old guy since he is going to be fighting to pay Wrath back for Lan Fan. I actually thought it was her since she did leave Hohenheim a while back to go after Ling. But I guess she will show up later and I’m worried about the timing of that.

Speaking of Hohenheim, that was one crazy development for his fight. I’m amazed the man has managed to stay sane. He actually took the time to converse with over half a million souls. It really shows the very different approaches that the two men took after that terrible event. I can only imagine the suffering Hohenheim had to go through after that. Just a small part was the suffering in the desert without water, but having a body that can’t die. He really went through a lot and took a very different route. I like how talking with the souls has allowed him to fight Father in this way. Father can’t just take the souls since they will fight back with everything they have. Still things aren’t all good since Father wasn’t stopped by that destroying of the ‘container’. I guess it was being too optimistic that he wouldn’t have had some plans to deal with his weak point. Plus in the end we know this fight is Ed and Al’s so whatever happens here is just to buy time for that.

The fights were flashy and I’m eager to see what happens next. Briggs has taken heavy casualties and Mustang’s men are in a very uncomfortable position. Bradley has to be killed before he can make it clear they aren’t acting for him. We’re getting close to the end, but the episodes continue to be really entertaining.

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  1. Just for a remainder, today chapter 107 of the FMA manga got released.

    That is the before-last chapter, and next month the whole manga ends with the final chapter.

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