Fairy Tail – Phantom Lords Arc

Fairy Tail took on the Phantom guild with Lucy’s freedom hanging in the balance.


This was a huge arc for Fairy Tail and really one of the good ones. The nice thing is not only how much they covered during this incident, but how much is getting hinted at by small moments within the arc. In a battle between two powerful guilds it had to be expected that the damage would be high. Members on both sides really took a beating and there were numerous fights that were entertaining to watch. Considering this is such a huge arc I’ve decided to add a few more images than usual just so this post doesn’t turn into some incredible block of text.

In the end one of the most important characters in this arc was Lucy. Phantom had many reasons for taking on Fairy Tail and Lucy was just a trigger. Still this arc put a lot of emotional pain onto Lucy who had to watch friends get hurt in order to protect her. Lucy being from such a wealthy family might have surprised quite a few people. Obviously she hadn’t brought up her past since joining the guild, but being from a wealthy family wouldn’t be the default guess. I’m sure she never expected that after running away from home she would be hunted down to such an extreme extent by her father. All she wanted to do was live her own way and that was being stolen from her. That was a pretty nice move against Jose in order to get away and a very nice catch from Natsu to save her from the fall.

It’s hard to imagine just how guilty and hurt Lucy felt from these events. The last thing she’d want would be to see friends getting hurt. But her inability to act was made all the more serious by the fact that her keys were lost when being captured by Juvia. The impressive thing was that no one ever said anything bad to Lucy during this event. Fairy Tail could care less where Lucy came from. In the end she was a member of their guild and they’d defend her to the death just like anyone else. While they can quarrel and fight, that guild is still a family. I’m sure no one blaming her might have only made her feel worse, but really there was nothing else they could do. Even when facing Jupiter they didn’t falter and were ready to fight.

In the end we have to wonder about why Lucy’s father went to such an extreme. He does nothing for quite some time while his daughter is gone and then suddenly orders a top guild to recover her. Obviously the relations between the two are so strained that normal means of communication were never even considered. Makes you wonder just what kind of person Lucy’s father is. Her mother is obviously not mentioned very much and at the very least isn’t on side with what Lucy’s father is planning. We can guess a few things like maybe the father wanted to marry Lucy off to another rich family. Really no one can think the man simply missed her and wanted his daughter to come home. Even if one is rich that kind of method is insane.

Obviously while the battle is over the pain will stay with Lucy for a while. The feelings between the guild and Lucy will be unchanged, but I can’t see Lucy just forgetting about this event. Phantom is done for now, but things will have to be settled with Lucy’s father or else another fight could just break out.

An interesting part of this arc involved Loke. He hasn’t been a character that has stood out too much in the first part of the series. Still his fight with Gajeel showed just how serious the guy can be. He realized that things were going to get dangerous where Lucy was and even was a little late in taking action. Loke did pretty well against Gajeel until something happened to him. Obviously that and Gajeel mentioning his weird smell can leave people speculating. There is something unusual about Loke and his connection to Lucy makes you wonder. Still Loke was damn pissed when he saw Gajeel carrying Lucy around.

We can also wonder just who the Karen that Loke mentioned is. Clearly this is someone pretty important from his past, but we can only guess at this stage. The guy has a lot more mysteries around him than one might have thought from first impressions. He’ll get his turn for character development, but for now I’m just impressed by the series giving him some time to shine.

I don’t think we can get through this arc without talking about Erza. She really took a beating through this arc, but at the same time she showed just how strong a character she is. Taking charge during the initial assault on Phantom, taking a hit from Jupiter, defeating Aria, and then fighting Master Jose. While the other members played big parts Erza was really the star for Fairy Tail. It shows in part just how passionate she is about the guild. It was Erza who made clear that they would rather die than sell out a friend. Plus she took a hit from something that no one else could really hope to stop. It’s a good thing Jupiter was stopped since if it was fired again there was no hope for the guild.

Erza really kept things pretty short and to the point. Taking down Aria was swift and I’m sure fueled by the anger she felt. To the guild Makarov really is a father figure and hurting him really put Aria on the list to be quickly taken down. It’s just impressive that she also managed to fight Jose even though he was such a powerful mage. Doing all that when injured just proves how powerful Erza really is.

That extreme behavior can really be dangerous for Erza as was shown at the end of this arc. When thinking she couldn’t do anything more and would only hinder the guild she decided to end her own life. It’s a good thing Makarov showed up in time since otherwise Erza would certainly have been killed. Her own past will likely provide the answers as to why she is willing to go so far. The guild is obviously everything to her and a threat against it is met with equal force.

Still the revelation about the fate of Lisanna had to hit people hard. It’s just a fact that flashbacks with Fairy Tail are usually about tragedy. A character that wasn’t around in the first episode still managed to make people feel for her loss. All the flashbacks made clear what kind of person Lisanna was. She cared so much about her family that she would put her life on the line to help return her brother to normal. It was a pretty reckless move that cost Lisanna her life. At the same time it was enough to save Elfman.

The price for recovering Elfman was extremely high. Obviously the loss was felt keenly by Natsu who was very close to Lisanna. Elfman was pushed even further into his mindset about what a man should be. After losing his sister Elfman just worked harder and harder. Obviously he never tried the full body transformation again, but he did want to make sure he would be strong enough to never let something like that happen again.

Maybe the one who was hit the hardest by Lisanna’s death was Mirajane. She was the one who took her siblings on that S-Class quest and watched her sister die. Maybe it couldn’t be helped, but I can’t imagine the guilt would go away for that reason. The cost was high since Mirajane couldn’t go on quests anymore. Her mindset and personality were seriously shifted due to that incident. I can’t help but feel she is trying to be Lisanna. If she couldn’t save her sister than at least Mira can keep her alive in some way. The cost obviously is that who Mira used to be just isn’t around anymore. In some ways its like two sisters were lost on that day.

Anyways this was a great arc. A negative is that the series is pretty bloodless. They can play up Gajeel’s breath attack, but if Natsu is only a little scratched you have to wonder how big a deal it really was. Still the emotions of the arc were well done. We learned a lot about quite a few characters and a great deal was also hinted at. The next major arc should be a good one when they get into it.

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