Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 55

The Armstrong siblings get reinforcements and Wrath returns to Central.


This was another great episode in the series. It’s tough to match the intensity of Mustang’s rage, but this episode still did a lot of good things.

It was nice to see the conclusion of the fight against Sloth. The Armstrong siblings did a great job right to the end against such a powerful opponent. Still the assistance from Izumi and her husband was definitely appreciated. They were just being pushed to their limits against someone that could keep coming and get restored each time. The meeting of the muscled men was pretty entertaining as one would have expected. Meeting someone who could also do the peck flex was apparently enough to get Alex recharged. Sloth really had no hope for winning after that point. Izumi is strong enough on her own, but throw in her husband and there was no hope left for Sloth. There is an interesting comparison between the Armstrong siblings and that couple. You have one alchemist in both, one muscled guy, and one woman who can fight extremely well. Both got to give each other some shocks especially when the Armstrong siblings got ready to move out again despite their injuries.

As expected the battle between Father and Hohenheim was pretty interesting. Funny that no matter what Hohenheim is so unusual during his fights. On the other hand Father was getting pretty upset and wasn’t just taking it easy. Hohenheim has the ability to really get under others skins when in a fight. You do have to wonder about what he said to Father during that fight. You can look at the homunculi and really think about their actions. It was already made clear that Envy was jealous of humans. Isn’t it also possible that focus on humans also came from Father when the emotion was cut away? Anyways the fight was interesting because they both are on such even footing. Tough to beat someone with a philosopher’s stone that can just counter without much effort. That sneak attack was dangerous, but it seems Hohenheim has taken precautions. It makes sense since he had to have been doing something for all these years.

We knew that eventually Wrath would have to return to the scene. I was just waiting for him to start walking up and he finally did it. He’s not going to die that easily and now the situation has taken a turn for the worse. Greed, Pride, and Wrath are still around and while one isn’t an enemy right now it’s still not a safe situation. Up to this point Briggs has had it fairly easy other than dealing with that immortal army. But Bradley just on his own is pretty dangerous and he’s also got the remaining Central forces behind him. The leader of the nation can really pull together the spirits of those who had given up hope. It also makes the situation complicated. Facing off against Bradley will make Briggs a group clearly trying to overthrow the government. A positive for Mustang’s group is that they are out of the public eye right now and so can still be seen as a just force.

A small note was the decision not to take command from the leader’s seat by Olivier. Someone like her would use the reasoning about snipers to not do it. Although on some level I think she doesn’t believe its right to do so until they have won. It’d be a case of getting carried away if she just took that seat while things hadn’t been settled.

Anyways I’m looking forward to the fights that are coming up. Things will only get more serious as the episodes continue.

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