Sora no Woto – Final Impressions

I was really not sure what to think about this show. It just seemed like this was comprised of the weirdest combination of shows. It had the moeblob feel and musical element of K-On, yet it had this young girls goofing off in their own military platoon aspect like Strike Witches. A cross between Strike Witches and K-On just seemed bizarre, and it was, yet it was also quite awesome. The light hearted bits the show did have were great though. It wasn’t something that made you just roll on the floor laughing, but the comedy was very similar again to K-On and Strike Witches, just the characters having fun together.

At first I did find the seriousness of the last couple episodes odd. While not actually odd for the setting this show was in, considering how pretty much all the other episodes were extremely dedicated to light hearted fun, it seemed out of place. However, although it came kind of out of the blue, I thought they did a pretty good job with it. However I really wished they would have spent more time on Noel. They of course already gave her a bit of focus but it was nowhere near enough. All they seemed to do was reveal she has this amazing back-story, and this rather complex psychological issues with what happened. Sure they talked about it a bit, but all that served to do was make me more interested in them expanding further on that. What they showed was good, I’m not saying it wasn’t, it’s just that it could have been far more.

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