Mayoi Neko Overrun – First Impressions

I have to say that I’m not overly impressed with this show so far, from its beginnings. I knew from the start that the show would have this kind of love triangle to it, and be kind of harem-like but I just felt, or probably rather hoped, it would be a bit more. It’s hard to say that the show is too bad, because there is of course a stigma to thee kind of harem love-triangle shows, but looking at the show for what it is, as a harem anime, it’s not too bad, but I was just hoping for it to be more. It still very well could be, these are only my initial impressions but I wasn’t blown away from the first episodes, but there is still promise in the show and even if it does turn out to be an ordinary harem anime, as long as the show is being judged knowing that that is what I trying to be, then it’s just fun to watch, even if its average. Not every show has to be something huge and grand.

The best part about the show is Nozomi. Although her kind of character and personality are nothing new, the kind of quiet and oblivious type, doing thins others find weird but she doesn’t know are weird, it’s fun to see, just nothing spectacular or original. It does add a lot to the comedy though, so even if it’s not new its fun to see. Though I also have to give credit to the loli, she is rather…interesting. She adds a lot as well. I just hope that the two of them can make the show more interesting. Again, it’s not that this is bad, for what it is, it’s just that its nothing spectacular either but these two characters can potentially help with that and I hope to see more of them and more of their quirks focused on.

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