K-On!! Second Season – First Impressions

What can I say about K-On. Well, I guess I can simply say I love K-On. I know there are plenty of people that always seem to think that because a show is popular with a lot of people that it’s the worst anime ever. Well I honestly don’t’ care what they say. I love the show, and so far it doesn’t look like this season will deter from that at all. So far it seems to have the same charm, same fun character interactions, and same great focus the previous season had. Again, I loved the previous season and am looking forward to even more of this one.

Although it may seem kind of obvious to say, Yui really is what makes K-On what it is. Although there are the other characters, and featured very prominently, Yui is definitely the main character in that she provides the most to the show overall. Sure there are the other characters, and I’m not saying they are bad. They are great, hilarious, and awesome characters but there is just something about Yui, everything she does, and how she reacts to things that make this show what it is. The way she has this kind of innocence to her, and through that does these weird things that she doesn’t mean anything by not only add to the humor of the show, but allow for more interesting interactions between all the characters. The show couldn’t function with just her though, again one of the things about K-On! In general is how they interact. The first couple of episodes of this season show that they will be focusing on that again, and so far it’s worked out great, and hope it continues to.

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  1. A lot of people love K-On!!. The band’s music is pretty damn popular all across Japan. Their music being ranked #1-#2 on the Oricon weekly singles charts shows how much fans adore HTT.

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