Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu – Final Impressions

Hidamari Sketch is kind of hard to explain to someone. I’ve watched all three seasons of this show, and love it, yet I can’t quite put my finger on what I like so much about it. It has this kind of mix of comedy with just slice of life while keeping the characters entertaining. Now, there are plenty of other slice of life shows out there with fun characters, and I’ve watched them and liked them, but Hidamari Sketch just feels different. It’s not overly funny, there are times when something will happen that’s hilarious but most of the time the show seems to elicit a kind of chuckle throughout the episodes, which is still a joy to watch. However I think the most impressive thing about the show is just this kind of heartwarming feeling it has. Yuno is a great main character, she’s just so innocent and kind that when you see her do things or get flustered or just simply think of a topic, it’s that innocence that gives it humor, but it’s also just great to see, which is what makes the show great. It’s nothing flashy or fancy, but it’s a steady enjoyable show.

I was a bit surprised when this season started that they added in new characters. I wasn’t’ really expecting that and I was kind of apprehensive about them. I wasn’t sure how much of a change they would bring to the show that I had already enjoyed for the previous two seasons. However I’m quite happy with how they turned out. It still seems that the majority of the show focused on Yuno and Miya, and then Sae and Hiro. Although they added new characters, they didn’t take over. They were used here and there, and they did add a lot, it kind of livened up the show and added in something fresh, while at the same time not taking away from what was already there.

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