Inuyasha – Final Act – 26 [Final]

Inuyasha goes into the darkness to save Kagome.


I was actually quite surprised with the way this ended. Not in general, it was obvious things would be all happy, and Inuyasha and Kagome would be together and so on, but I always figured and always imagined that the show would end on Inuyasha and Kagome being together rand living together in the modern day world. I figured the well would still be there so they could visit everyone and have big parties and so on, but I figured that both Inuyasha and Kagome’s places of residence would be in the modern world. It kind of makes more sense. Kagome has more people who care about her deeply then Inuyasha does really, so it would make sense for them to live so Kagome could be close to them, and with the well still open its not stopping Inuyasha from visiting others in feudal area, or for them all to get together, but I just figured it would be different. Not that this way is bad, it’s not at all. Either way works perfectly for the show, it’s just not what I expected. I’m still very happy with the overall outcome.

Overall though the episode itself was great. They spent a great deal of time on the epilogue, which I loved as it’s the one thing I generally complain about the most in shows is not having a good epilogue. But here, showing how everyone was living three years later was great and fun to see. There’s not a whole lot more to say other than it was a great way to wrap up the series.

Final Words:

This has been extremely odd to watch. I’m still very surprised that something like this was even made. It just seems so weird that after what’s almost, what, ten years that this show would pick up from where it left off. What’s even more odd is that this isn’t some obscure anime that has a small cult following or something, this is a HUGE name in name. I mean, it’s one of the staple anime I see many people clamoring about when they don’t know any anime other than the mainstream stuff that gets aired in the US. For a big name show like that to get this treatment it was just surprising, though it makes sense, it was still weird.

This “season” itself was interesting by itself as well. It’s been a while since the last time that I watched the first collection of seasons, or series, but this definitely seemed like it was just miles ahead. It probably of course came down to the fact that they weren’t filling it with 50 percent filler amongst the episodes, or more. Having so little time (in comparison to the rest of the show) to wrap up A LOT made the show just action packed. There were hardly any times at all that I felt like it was dragging on or that lost my interest. If they could have just taken out 1/4 of the episodes of the first batch of seasons I’m sure even something as little as that would have improved the rest, as this season certainly seemed to benefit from telling so much in so little time.

Overall I’m very happy with this season. Although weird and surprising that it was done, I’m glad because really looking back on the series in general; it had some pretty good parts. It was kind of a classic example of this huge fantasy story that a lot of times just gets lost in some of the silly parts and the long drawn out parts. This season gave a chance to kind of look at what, in general the good parts of the series overall had been and I liked it.

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  1. An interesting point of view on how the series could have ended. Honestly I thought the well would stay open, but wasn’t sure which way they would go. I was kind of leaning to the feudal era though. I mean Inuyasha isn’t human. It’d be pretty hard to have him fully living in the modern world and integrate himself into it. On the other hand its much easier for Kagome to go the other way. She has friends and especially a good position in that village that would make it easier for her to live. She has her priestess powers which would only be a benefit to living there. True she has her friends and her education does tie into the modern world. But it’s just a case where it’d be much more difficult for Inuyasha and Kagome being together there than it is in the past.

    Anyways I’m really glad they went and did this. This series really deserved to be finished. Being left the way it was years ago was weird and I’m glad they came back to it. Really it is such a different feel from the first part. I mean they knew that the manga wouldn’t be done soon so it had so much filler and things took their time in telling every story. But in this final act they had the manga done. They decided to go with 26 episodes and really just attack the story. At times it might have felt rushed, but it was really full of action.

    A great finish to a classic series.

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