Inuyasha – Final Act – 25

The group of heroes, finally together, faces off against Naraku one final time.


Overall, this episode was interesting but I was a little bit disappointed. Although the final struggle isn’t really over, with Kagome trapped in this world, it still seemed that actually defeating Naraku was kind of, well, too simple. They finally all gather together, and it was interesting to see their struggle to do that, it’s just that when that happened it was simple. Slash, slash, boom, boom, he’s done. Thinking back to the fight where Kikyou died, THAT was a great fight and full of all these twists and you never quite knew how it was going, but this…even with them still having to deal with Kagome, seemed rather weak for a final fight.

That being said, I am interested to see what they will do to free Kagome, though I doubt it will be much more than Inuyasha finding her or admitting feelings or desire to find and protect her. Which, I honestly don’t mind. I don’t care if they spend a lot of time dealing with this final Kagome being trapped thing. What I care most about now is an epilogue. This series has been going for so long and has such a cast of characters that finding out what they do now is important, and if they don’t spend a lot of time on an epilogue, I would be very disappointed. I’m still not sure though how it will wind up. That’s what makes Kagome being trapped most interesting, not that she is trapped, but what it means, her choosing between the feudal age and normal life and a mix of them.

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