Dance in the Vampire Bund – 12 [Final]

Akira faces off against the last assassin, a member of Telomere, who fights for a different princess than Mina.


This episode started off with a pretty big WTF moment. I had no idea what was going on with the whole hand graveyard thing. It’s one thing for a show to be really weird and cryptic, but honestly a lot of times when something is shown that is very odd, it makes sense, it’s just weird. However when they showed the scene where Akira was seeing all the bodies, then they were transforming, then they blew up, then some blood got spilt, then things were burning… mad pretty much no sense and I had no idea what was going on, it was definitely fun to see, because of how weird it is.

Aside from the weird start though, this episode was incredible. The fight with Meiran was incredibly, I honestly didn’t see it coming that she was the third assassin. I don’t know why, maybe I just spaced off some obvious clues or I liked her character too much to think of her as one of them, but it was quite interesting. The whole second Mina, second princess thing was really weird, and I’m still not exactly sure what they meant by inheritance, but it was still amazing to watch.

I loved when Akira finally won and Mina made the three leaders of the clans bow down before her, it was just awesome to see her effectively kick their ass. The ending itself was great I thought. While I’m slightly disappointed that there are still things left, I kind of figured they wouldn’t be able to tell the whole story in such a short amount of time simply from all they were throwing out there about Telomere and these inner workings. They did though seem to make things even more in depth right at the end, almost making it more of a cliffhanger than it had to be, but in a way I think that good. It shows there is more plot there they just haven’t shown, instead of trying to hide it and show that what the anime had is all there is. Nevertheless, it was extremely interesting and even with plenty left, the show rapped up nicely for what it had.

Final Words:

I’m not quite sure what to make of this series. It was definitely unique. Although, it’s not even so much the premise of the story that was unique itself. I mean, it obviously isn’t the first vampire story told and elements like dealing with being discovered or how the public feels about them aren’t new either. However there was something unique about this show still. It wasn’t so much the issues themselves, but the way they dealt with the issues and the way they went about presenting them was something quite interesting to see.

One of the best parts of the show was of course Mina. While it could be considered that Akira is the main character, I wasn’t too impressed with him. He was kind of standard as a character and didn’t really seem to do a lot. Mina was where the show really shined. She had this kind of tsundere thing going on, on one hand being this cute sweet little girl, being fun to watch as she stumbled over trying to be around Akira and then on the other hand turning into this incredibly sharp and ruthless diplomat and leader as she just toyed with other politicians and asserted what she wanted for her people, standing up for herself and what she wanted done, and being a hard ass about it. It was just awesome to see her totally kick ass and then get embarrassed over something she said. While there are plenty of tsundere around, something about Mina was just awesome to see and made this show worth watching more than anything else.

Overall this show was a great watch. So many times I found myself just caught up in the show, on the edge of my seat baffled at some things that were going on and astonished by others, but always in a good way. Always in a way that made me care more about what was happening and made me want to know more. There were just these times that made my mouth hang open and made me want more. The characters were great and the story and world they set up was quite interesting. It was a great show overall I felt, and a very unique one.

3 thoughts on “Dance in the Vampire Bund – 12 [Final]”

  1. I really feel that they could have done more wit Mei Ren’s character. For an anime-only, she was a pretty good addition – much better than other anime-only characters in other shows. I mean, technically, he only had to last until sunrise. I’d prefered if they would have kept her alive for another possible season – having them finish their battle at the Hand Graveyard instead of out in the streets – I would have liked that. /wishful thinking

  2. There could be remote possibilities for Mei Ren to come back, if a second season ever materializes.

    1. She can be cloned, but it wouldn’t seem and feel like her though;
    2. Her master could revive her through combination means of science and alchemy;
    Stuff like that.

    Now, if Tamaki-sensei (author of the manga) really liked the Mei Ren character in the anime, he could add her up and introduce her in the manga.

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