Dance in the Vampire Bund – 11

Akira fights against the assassins that the three clans sent after him.


This was a pretty big episode. I was just shocked when I saw the fight scenes. The best fight scenes always give this feeling of horrible desperation and I definitely felt that with this episode. Akira was getting his ass kicked by the weird shapeshifter girl. Paired with not being able to transform definitely made this interesting to see. I also have to admit it was pretty awesome seeing Mina step up to the three vampires form the three clans. Trying to do something about her effective captivity to them by placing the bet on Akira, it was definitely a moment of power for her and made me route for Akira even more.

I’m definitely finding Meiran more interesting now. Before, even though she was kind of mysterious it didn’t really seem like she served a point other than to just kind of interrupt things or to just supply the show with that mystery but not much else. However when she revealed herself to be another werewolf, it was definitely more interesting. It was so much the fact that she was a werewolf that was interesting though, as it was already obvious that something odd was going on with her. The most interesting part was that she kind of gave Akira this look at himself and his future. The analogy of the butterfly and the flower became even more apparent. That Akira being with Mina was pointless in a way, or that he is better suited for Meiran. I hope that they don’t lose that, as it was a very interesting topic they brought up

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