Angel Beats! – 05

The SSS enact a plan to ruin Tenshi’s exam scores.


Wow this really was an episode that made you feel for Tenshi. I’m sure many were waiting for an episode that would dive into her character a bit more after the hinting we got the last time around. Maybe one thing the last episode did for us was show the vice-president that would take over at the end of this episode. Anyways while the episode focused mostly on the exams it did make some major changes to the situation.

I’m pretty amazed that one of these complicated plans actually worked against Tenshi. But I guess since they were in the exam room there wasn’t much she could do. After all attacking them after they went in there would send the wrong message. It was a pretty decent plan though it did mean some sacrificing of the members as distractions. Yuri just kept firing them into the ceiling and I suspect Hinata did most of the flying. Oyama did his part and it was hilarious watching him confessing to Tenshi like that. But yeah Yuri can be pretty cruel putting those guys into those distraction plans. Still the plan did get Tenshi removed as Student Council President which made it a big success to the SSS. Otonashi did pretty well this time in getting so much information and keeping everything from going into a bad direction.

On that note it was nice to see Otonashi interacting with Tenshi even if it was limited. After all you have to expect he will get closer to her and this was a good time to do that. Finding out her name which had pretty close ties to the OP was interesting. Besides at the end it was Otonashi that held off the attack and felt bad for her at the end. Makes sense he would end up eating her meal which would just draw his thoughts over to her.

This episode really made you think about Tenshi a lot more. Yuri’s thoughts sound pretty solid and obviously leave her in confusion about the situation. Was this situation just a case of escalation? The SSS start making their stand and Tenshi responds against them. They start carrying weapons and she develops guard skills to counter. Have they really just been wasting their time focusing on Tenshi when she might not really be a key part of this? I mean it’s hard to really blame them since Tenshi was a clear enemy who stood against them. At this point it really makes you wonder just how they are supposed to take action. Sure you have Naoki taking control, but makes you wonder just how effective it would even be to fight against him. It’s a pretty tough spot since it leaves those who can think about the situation concerned.

Still have to wonder about this Naoki guy. Clearly he is taking a very different approach than Tenshi used to. She just reacted to situations when they happened while this guy is going after them just while they are eating. Just not sure where this guy stands and how the SSS will take action. Yuri doesn’t want to start shooting at normal students, but really they might not have any choice. This guy clearly doesn’t care about doing things alone and has his own style.

Anyways a big episode that leaves you wondering about the whole situation. I plan on breaking down the two main theories of this being in the afterlife and it being some kind of virtual reality in order to figure things out.


Virtual Reality – Well this one seems to have taken a hit from my point of view. I mean if this was some kind of virtual world someone has to be supervising it. But it seems like Tenshi made her abilities herself and her position isn’t concrete. How can she just be removed from her position like that? Shouldn’t they be able to edit the teachers (if they are just AI) and make it so they understand she was set up? Of course the fact that Tenshi can edit her abilities through a computer still hints that this could be a virtual world. While she may not be some special angel it doesn’t necessarily mean this is virtual either.

Purgatory – This theory also isn’t complexly helped by this episode. At the very least it doesn’t appear that Tenshi is such a special being since she can be removed from her position. Also her powers aren’t handed down by God or anything, but are things that she developed herself. Still the vanishing that we saw a couple episodes ago does make the theory of this being some kind of purgatory possible. People work out their issues and then vanish when they have dealt with them. Perhaps Tenshi is just like the SSS in that she wanted to take action in that world. Maybe God is taking some seriously hands off approach and letting people do what they want with that world. Tenshi as the student council president wanted to keep things under control and the SSS wanted to fight back against something. Of course until we see more this theory isn’t a lock either.

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