Angel Beats! – 04

Yui auditions to be the new lead singer and the SSS plays some baseball.


Well a good effort by the idiot team. I guess it shows that a collection of idiots can do just about anything when they try. It’s hard to believe that they actually almost won with that collection of fools. Noda was a real extreme in that game. He cost them a few times with his insane anger, but he could also get home runs with one arm.

Have to give Yui some credit. She goes from crazed fangirl to high jacking the OP. This might actually draw rage from Tenshi fans. Although since she hung herself after the song the anger might somewhat be taken away. Honestly I’m just not sure what I think of that girl at this point. She walks the fine line between annoying and cute. Plus in the end she did stop Hinata from disappearing with that attack. Considering it was a team of idiots it might have been random, but she might have also noticed Otonashi’s efforts and tried to help. Although really after getting attacked that many times by Hinata she probably had some rage building up. The girl definitely tries to play up the cute angle with the outfit (what’s up with the chains?) and the nya pose.

Anyways the episode really made you think they were going to lose Hinata this time around. The focus, back-story, and whole tone just seemed to point in that direction. Nice that Otonashi picked up on that and tried his best to stop it. Thought he might throw an easy home run or something to try and end it that way. Really threw me that it would be Yui’s attack that would stop it. Though I’m starting to think with this series they will just throw twists every now and then to mess with you.

This wasn’t my favourite episode of the series. They show that Tenshi will respond to the SSS on whatever terms they are setting up. She really does seem to respond to whatever show of force is put forward. Slaughtering the SSS would have been overkill since they were just invading the baseball game. There was a serious lack of Tenshi especially since she wasn’t playing in the OP this time around. I was hoping we’d get more information on her in this episode.

Hinata’s back-story was also a pretty tragic one. He probably did miss that catch, but it’s hard to say. The fact that it’s still foggy makes you think there will be more shown down the road. Still thought for a moment he died of a stroke while on the field. Instead it seems more likely that he got hooked on drugs after that event and eventually overdosed. Some teammates acting like that after the game. Obviously he wasn’t looking good out there to begin with so the blame is on the coach for not keeping his players hydrated.

Hopefully the next episode will delve more into Tenshi. I don’t think we’ve got enough episodes to just calmly go through each member of the SSS for their life story. At any rate we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out.

4 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – 04”

  1. Does anybody else think that match was set up so that Hinata would face the similar situation, and resolve his trauma?

    Maybe this world/tenchi arranged match so that it would end up way it did, so that he would be able to move on.

  2. Yay, up to now, my theory from episode 3 still holds together. Just eight more to go…muahahaha…Okay, where was I…

    I also think that Hinata got an overdose but did not die. This would stress the point that everyone of the SSS is lying in a coma or a similar vegetative state. On the other hand that would mean although everyone has some sort of trauma, not all ended up in this world because of it. Up to now I assumed everyone was in some sort of shock which resulted in a coma but in Hinata’s case this would be the overdose. So now I’d say it’s enough to be in a coma indirectly/directly caused by a trauma to be hooked up to the system.

    Okay, on to episode 5. And sorry for the overuse of the words “trauma” and “coma”.

  3. According to the light novel Hinata was hit by a truck, so it wasn’t the drug use directly. It might have been the drug use that led him to be in a situation where he would get hit by a truck, but who knows.

  4. the SSS team has superpowers, or at least some of them has. No normal person can home run by swinging the bat with one arm. Otonashi has a nice underhand pitch as well.

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