Working!! – With Dangerous People

A few episodes in and we’ve gotten a feel for a good part of the cast now. I can definitely say this is one working environment that would make you check your health insurance. It’s just a pretty dangerous place with Inami, Kyouko, and Yachiyo. Depending on your gender and behavior any of them could make you wonder about your survival.


It’s a pretty interesting group we’re dealing with in this series. You have Souta the ‘mini-con’, Inami who has a fear of men, Kyouko who can bring in her underlings, Poplar who “isn’t short”, and Yachiyo who might cut you down if you get between her and Kyoko. This restaurant has some powerful personalities at work.

While some people might have gotten tired of the constant punching; I do like Inami’s character so far. It’s not like she’s going after Souta or anyone else because she’s always angry or believing she can deliver punishment. She just has a really strong phobia and it leads to guys getting punched. By the second episode it seems Inami is doing a lot better at least around Souta. She only punched him once in the third episode and other than that strong ‘hug’ there wasn’t much damage. Besides she is a really cute character that doesn’t mean any harm. Curious to see how this love/hate relationship with Souta continues to grow. For now she is just going to say it’s about getting him to accept her, but it could grow further than that later in the show.

Yachiyo is definitely one of the bigger dangers in the cast. Normally she is the most reliable and a really cheerful person. But when Otoo showed up, Yachiyo nearly killed him for the souvenirs that Kyouko was eating. Who knew there could be dangers in letting someone carry around a katana everywhere they go? I feel for Jun who clearly has feelings for her, but doesn’t have a chance. That girl is seriously interested in Kyouko and won’t see anyone else.

Kyouko is a pretty interesting character herself. She absolutely does nothing when the store is being run. It’s likely the only reason she has this job is because it gives her quick access to food. Being a serious glutton there is no doubt that ‘working’ in a restaurant would be a bonus for her. Just snaps her fingers and Yachiyo will bring her a parfait. Still she’s not a bad person since she’ll back up her staff. But if you call her old there will be serious consequences. Either she’ll sick her underlings on you or you will work every single day.

Taneshima is a pretty lovable character. She really is an adorable loli and it’s no shock that you have Jun messing around with her hair for fun. I kind of feel bad for her since she really wants to be a high-school height so people won’t constantly believe she is a middle schooler. Of course her denials and attempts to do work that is too much for her height is strangely cute. A tough road for that girl.

Of course we already know about the mini-con. That guy is kind of creepy at times and yet still hilarious. It’s not that liking small things is a problem. Really everyone can like what they want long as it doesn’t cause serious problems. But he really does have a cold attitude toward anyone that is tall or older than 12. The way he talked about one little kid and how it made him sick that she would get bigger really made me look at him strangely. Still a positive is that unlike some male leads he will speak his mind and talk back to others.

Really I’m liking the overall cast so far. I didn’t say much about Souma since we haven’t really delved into his character yet. Should be a fun series watching all these unusual people interact. None of them are what you would consider normal so the situations they can run into should be pretty entertaining.

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  1. I think they’re going to focus on Souma next episode. The only thing I’m wondering about Working!! is if it’s going to be a show about nothing – in particular, that is. I kind of like how everyone’s a little odd (including Katanashi-kun) but not off the wall unbelievable. Though I don’t know how many waitresses would actually be allowed to carry katanas or punch any and every male in proximity, but I’ve definitely seen managers (and regular staff) eating from inventory. Yum.

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