Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 53

Envy admits to having murdered Hughes and faces the full wrath of Roy Mustang.


Wow Envy has just put himself into one terrifying situation. If there is anything you don’t want to do in this world its piss off Roy Mustang. Killing Hughes was enough to earn him a painful death, but making it clear how he did it just pushed things right over the edge. It was damn chilling to see just how angry Mustang was. I mean playing it up like that pushed Mustang past a purely angry rage to a very chilling kind of rage. He fully intends to carefully destroy making him suffer and pay for what he’s done. Lust had it easy by comparison. Mustang just kept attacking constantly until it was over. He really plans on taking his time with Envy. I’m actually surprised at just how many uses Mustang’s ability has other than simply burning things to ashes. That move to boil the water in Envy’s eyes….damn.

Trying Hughes form really was a stupid idea. It just pushed Mustang’s rage even higher than before. In theory it might have gotten him closer since Mustang was out to avenge Hughes. But really he knew perfectly well that his friend was dead and taking that form only angered him further. Going with Hawkeye might actually be a more valid tactic since she is still alive.

I was really worried that Mustang was going to attack instantly. He did order Hawkeye to stay behind partially so this situation didn’t happen. This is a fight against someone who can turn into anyone. A moment’s hesitation could mean instant death. Of course he knew that Hawkeye disobeying in this circumstance wouldn’t be unusual. It seems that the Hawkeye he ran into was Envy faking and it puts Mustang in a tough spot; although it could also be the other way around. She might have sensed something off and raised her gun just in case. Just being down there puts Hawkeye in various dangers. There is getting attacked by Envy, but there is also the chance Mustang won’t hold back and he’ll have to deal with having hurt or killed her. This is a really intense and nerve wrecking situation.

I can understand Ed’s worries. Obviously Mustang is filled with rage and could lose himself to it. At the same time Envy does need to be stopped and pay for what he has done. It’s not just about Hughes. That guy has been directly involved with a lot of tragedies and certainly doesn’t deserve any mercy. But he has to be stopped the right way or Mustang could lose everything that he’s been working towards.

Poor Hawkeye. It really does seem like everything is resistant to bullets these days. What happened to the good old days when firearms were useful?

It does seem like Mustang’s plans are moving along smoothly though. He’s managed to at least put out doubts that it’s the leaders of the country that are trying to overthrow the government and he is trying to stop it. It definitely gives Mustang an edge over the other candidates right now when it comes to picking a new ruler. Saving Bradley’s wife really is turning into a very useful political move. Even more impressive is that he can use Briggs to fight the military in Central and they should be able to handle things considering they brought in tanks.

Anyways this was an amazing episode and I hate that it ended right there. I mean seriously we need the next one right now. They can’t just leave us with Mustang walking down a path of revenge and things being that serious. Well they can, but my point is that it sucks for us to have to wait.

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  1. Envy is getting what’s coming to him for a long, long time. Mustang might need a chill pill, but let’s wait until he kick Envy’s ass first.

    Haha good point about Hawkeye. She probably needs at least a grenade launcher.

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