Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 52

Battles are being fought all over Central with the future of the country at stake.


For a moment I thought Al was going to use a speech about not being alone because the souls in the stone were with him. But in reality he was literally not alone thanks to March and Lion King being there. That changed the dynamic of the fight completely. Really Al’s fight was a pretty entertaining one. He did a great job using the philosopher’s stone to his advantage. It’s not just about boosting your skills like Kimblee’s explosions. Using it to create a flash bang was a great idea. Pride was playing up not falling for the same trick twice and yet he did. I’m just amazed that Yoki even came to save the day and ran down Pride.

Pride does show how evil a guy he is. In the end he gets what he wants in Al going to Central. It really doesn’t matter to him if Al goes by his own will or if Pride takes him there. Al staying with Pride was a key move since it kept Al away which was a goal by itself. What a horrible end result for Kimblee. Of course with the amount of people he’s killed there isn’t any pity for his fate. What an ugly result getting owned by Lion King and then eaten by Pride when he was at his most helpless. That’s why Pride didn’t kill him. It wasn’t about comrades or pity; he just planned on killing him to get even stronger.

Wow Central’s military force is pretty stupid. They don’t even consider that the truck can be changed via alchemy? Good thing it was Mustang and not Ed that did it or the thing would have really stood out. Ed’s sense of style is interesting, but not the most subtle.

The hero of the episode to me without a doubt was Alex. He really stepped up big time when it came to protecting his sister. Sloth is one heck of a tank, but he took that charge and even managed to counter it. The power of the Armstrong siblings when they are cooperating is a pretty amazing thing. Of course they have to get into an argument right there while being surrounded by guards. But siblings’ arguing is a natural thing.

Things are getting chaotic to say the least. Mustang has met up with Ed and they should be able to slow down that immortal army a little bit. Though who wants to bet the first thing Ed does is yell at Mustang for breaking down his wall? The Armstrong siblings need help with Sloth freed and the immortal army on the loose. Briggs better hurry up and meet up with their leader already. Both siblings are battered up and can’t keep this going forever.

I have to give May credit for how well she handled herself. Fighting against Envy isn’t easy even if the guy isn’t anywhere near at full power yet. Not to mention that immortal army is making things dangerous for her. Hopefully her desperation to save her country doesn’t get her killed.

Things just keep on getting dangerous and I can’t wait to see the next episode. Don’t want to say much about the preview, but it appears we are going to get a fight that has been in the waiting for a long time.

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  1. Lol most non-alchemists don’t remember what alchemists can do, but the Central leadership has been pretty messed up anyways.

    The Armstrongs are too strong to be concerned about a couple of Central grunts, and sibling arguments take precedent over everything when it comes to those two lol.

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