Angel Beats! – 02

The SSS travel to the Guild, but must fight through anti-angel traps.


Damn this series has some hilarious moments. I just loved Noda getting owned by another trap. It’s terrible since he must be in horrible pain, but it’s too damn funny to stop laughing at. Like how they started to play a slow tune to make it dramatic then speeding to him flying into a wall.

Love the traps they had set up in that place. Was just listing off the movie based traps they were working with. The rolling ball was close enough to Indiana Jones. The laser trap was obviously based on Resident Evil. I guess with the explanation from where the weapons come from it makes sense. They just coped what they knew from the movies and put them into action. Though seriously who the heck put together the puppy floating down a river trap? Seriously how many idiots would fall for that?

I didn’t think we’d get Yuri’s past this quickly. Still it was nice for them to enlighten us at least partially about what happened. They didn’t say how she died, but suicide was certainly probable. She denied it a bit too strongly. If not then it was weird to say that no one is there that committed suicide. With so many ways to die in this world wouldn’t it be probable that someone who did it was there? Plus we don’t know about Otonashi’s death so he’s still a question mark. Perhaps that denial is just a rule that was decided and all of them actually killed themselves.

Yuri’s past really was a terrible one to think about. Plus what kind of moronic robbers were they? You smash the TV? If their family is well off that should be a damn nice TV. Steal the TV who psychopaths! Being in that situation would be worse than words can describe. It’s understandable why she is so angry. Plus she asks a question many have asked for a long time. If God exists why would he let something like that happen? Obviously the clearest ones to hate and blame are the robbers. But they are clearly out of her reach right now. So she’s fighting against what is closest.

It still leaves the question as to Angel’s motivation. This time her actions were more offence than defense. You could say that arms manufacturing is pretty criminal and necessary to put down. Still it seems odd that she just decided to go and attack now. Plus I don’t get the reasoning behind her being there and her actions. If she has that much power why stop? It’s not like she can’t identify who she is fighting. Plus if God is behind her why not send out a few more and settle things? There has to be a reason why this is being done. It’s tough to figure out since Angel gives no reactions. She fights, responds to the threats that are thrown at her, and just keeps coming. Kind of like a cute terminator. Plus I can’t see how the SSS can win. If she can survive that kind of fall then what the heck is supposed to stop her? Isn’t this just going to turn into an eternal struggle?

This was a pretty dramatic yet comical episode. Yet they managed to fit in some developments between Otonashi and Yuri. Hearing her story and the interesting close-up when he was climbing back up was pretty good. The series has given us some information, but a lot remains in the dark. We learned where the weapons come from and why Yuri is so determined. I’m curious about what we’ll end up finding out next.

OP Impressions:

Now that was a really nice OP. As is common with this series the production value was right up there. Visually it was a great looking OP that managed to get the characters introduced so we can try to remember who everyone is. Besides having Angel playing the piano portion of the song was a nice thing in terms of visuals and sound. It’s nice to fit in the characters into what is being played. It makes me think about Angel’s role in all of this. To me it seems weird for the ‘antagonist’ to be playing a piece like that. Still it was nice right at the end since you could see visible ‘angel’ wings on her.

5 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – 02”

  1. Yeah, it was interesting seeing Angel play piano. She seemed much more alive and expressive doing so than any other time in the show so far.

    An interesting episode. The universe they inhabit still doesn’t make sense to me, but it is entertaining to watch.

  2. Tenshi playing the song for us served to just add that much more meaning to what is going on, and make you question what will eventually happen. I absolutely fell in love with the OP, gotta finish the ep and get some sleep but I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss. Cheers!

  3. The piano OP was pretty cool, even though the song was average.

    It was a pretty random episode, but it was fun to watch for the slapstick and action.

    The robbers were probably after jewelry or a safe… TV’s are a bit bulky.

  4. Flare,

    I agree with you it is definitely an eternal struggle. I really doubt that either side will be able to resolve things the way they are. Tenshi is to powerful too be defeated and thanks to Yuri strong-will I doubt the SSS lose its resolve anytime soon. If there is some escape from this world and conflict I hope to will involve Otonashi, Yuri, and the SSS discovering something about themselves or finding the true meaning behind the presence of Tenshi and her creator (if there is one). I have no doubt that when the time comes we will be amazed by what develops. So far this just keeps getting better doesn’t it?

  5. @Joojoobees
    It was nice to see Angel playing like that. Do wonder if we’ll get to see that level of expression from her during the series itself. So far she’s been pretty quiet, but efficient.

    Yeah it really is a struggle that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Yuri at the very least won’t give up and Tenshi is seemingly unstoppable. Maybe in the end the SSS can’t win since morale is tough to keep going against an enemy you just can’t beat. What comes before that has to be some answers coming to light that will change things. For all we know Tenshi might be the one who has a change of heart about her role. This definitely keep getting better. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen next.

    I think some comedy and slap stick is good for the early parts of a series like this. If things go bad you have these laughs to cheer you up or to just remind you how far things have come. It was a good way to get into the personalities of the characters anyways.

    You may be right. Though if they are rich wouldn’t it be a plasma and thus pretty portable? I think they just broke the TV when they got angry at not finding what they expected to. Breaking a nice TV probably angered them even more and the kids paid the price.

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