Working!! – First Impressions

Think this show had a pretty good start to it. It’s not a series anyone is going to be watching for a deep plot, although if Souta gets beat up much more we could call it an action series. Really though there were some nice laughs in the first episode and it should be a pretty nice show to follow. The key to it was probably Souta and announcing himself as a minicon. After all he’s not some guy who only goes after lolis. He just likes things that are small and cute; like puppies and water fleas. Yeah he definitely is odd enough to work with that cast. It really was destiny that he bumped into Poplar.


It’s a nice cast overall. They really brought in some nice voice talent especially for the guys. There should be enough fun antics to keep people entertained for the whole series. The first episode was good to get an idea of hte kinds of personalities we are dealing with. Times could get dangerous with the male issues that Inami has. Not to mention that the manager has the ability to call in thugs of some kind to beat up customers that cause problems. Of course those guys were picking on Poplar so there is little pity for whatever happened to them.

The animation is fairly simple, but it works for the type of series this is. The music was also pretty safe and stuck to being a background for what was happening on screen. A good beginning and I’ll be looking forward to what happens in the next few episodes.

OP Impressions:

Like some shows the OP came at the end here for the first episode. The song was really upbeat which should be a good way to start off episodes in this series. It was a good tune and probably one that can stay in your head for some time if you hear it enough. The visuals were simple, but very nice. Liked the little army of Poplar’s that Souta was freaking out about. Some nice effects like Jun messing with Poplar’s hair turning into a box of text.

5 thoughts on “Working!! – First Impressions”

  1. I had high hopes for Working, but I wasn’t terribly impressed by the first episode. I think there was a little too much blatant character type pandering, but I did like the show more when the characters were interacting with each other. Hopefully it can keep building on that and bounce back in the future eps.

  2. @RP
    I think the minicon character type is still pretty fresh. But you are right about the character type pandering. Didn’t have many thoughts about the first episode just because I saw this episode a while back. Think now that they’ve gotten most of the main cast introduced we can get more into the interactions.

  3. Yes! The Daphnia scene, I loved that moment. Minicon, a new term I can now somewhat associate myself with without feeling too dirty or outcast. I’ll be blogging a bit on Working, like you I hardly think it will become something influential but the premise and the characters are pleasant enough and it seems like we’re going to have plenty of fun at this restaurant this spring.

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