Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 51

Olivier fights a dangerous battle against Sloth and the immortal army is unleashed.


The episodes continue to be excellent with this series. The action is picking up and the danger is continuing to get worse for the main characters. Still I think a personal highlight was the rescue by Alex. Regardless of how tough his sister can be on him when the time comes Alex will be there for Oliver. It was a well timed rescue on his part and he’s got a dangerous fight having to take on Sloth. Plus it was just nice that he could pull out the extreme muscle poses once more! Sloth just isn’t a good opponent for Oliver due to normal weapons not being that affective. Not sure how effective her sword would be, but if it didn’t do anything then she would be in serious trouble. With the souls Sloth has it’s too risky to fight that close. Alex is strong enough to take a few hits and with his alchemy should be able to do something at range as well.

Things are getting busy all over. Of course Envy finally returns as we all knew he would. The guy came this far hoping to get in contact with a philosopher stone. Sadly for those things they didn’t understand the danger and gave it to him. Now Envy is back and with enough stones to be a serious threat. The question is how things will go for May. Will Envy try to kill her or will he even help her out? Regardless of his plotting she did help him out. Hopefully he’s not going to turn this into a fight since otherwise May will be in serious danger. She did show some nice moves when fighting, but Envy is a different class of danger entirely. It’d be nice if Envy wasn’t another threat. We’ve seen from Greed that homunculi can change sides, so we’ll have to wait and see there.

Finally Pride makes his escape. We all knew that he and Al were not going to spend the rest of this conflict in captivity. I’m a bit disappointed with Al and Heinkel. Al should have taken his head back. He went easy on Pride and underestimated him because of that body. In reality he should have kept him restrained, but that is just part of Al’s naivety. Heinkel has a large share of the blame. He knew military codes and should have recognized the signal considering it’d been constantly repeated. Plus it’s really annoying so you wouldn’t be able to ignore it. But I guess some iffy developments are required to move the story along. I completely forgot about that philosopher’s stone. This should make the conflict very interesting. Though in reality all it does is make all 3 sides have a stone. Al is still fighting against one of the strongest homunculi in Pride and Kimblee who still has a stone. It’s a bad match and on top of that Al has the chance of losing consciousness again. He needs to quickly do some damage and make his escape with Heinkel.

Not to be left out Ed’s group is in a tough situation as well. They are stuck with those tragic beings and having to fight through them. They had to seal up the room which only adds to the difficulty. Somehow they have to break through. It was a good flashback since these are like the parts of Envy except they can move and act on their own. They are just tragic beings that are forced into a painful situation. The stupid military guy and scientist deserved their fates at the start of the episode. You play with lives like this and you deserve that kind of result.

Anyways the episodes keep getting interesting. The action is picking up even more and you can definitely feel that we are moving toward the end.

OP Impressions:

A nice new song to take us to the end. I kind of liked the action feel of the last one a bit more. Still while this is a different style it’s still a good one. The whole series has had sadness to it so maybe it’s fitting to take this kind of tone to the end of the series. The song itself was well done. Both the vocals and instruments worked well to set the tone that was followed by the visuals. Those visuals were nice especially the beginning that showed the key characters including those that were no longer around. The symbolism of the OP does make you worried though. There was a part with Mustang that makes you think his fate might not be to survive through this. It also just makes clear that this will be a very bloody and tough fight on everyone. A nice WinryxEd moment at the end though does leave an impression of hope.

ED Impressions:

The new ED was also nicely done. There was a pretty big focus on Hohenheim in this one. Still the whole ED was pretty focused on the Elric family. The musical portion was nice and peaceful. It certainly seemed to fit for an ED. Also the visual portion works since in the end this is the story about that family. There is a lot going on, but in the end the story of Ed and Al is what is driving this show. It does seem to go with my suspicions about the fate of Hohenheim. I just can’t see him surviving this last conflict. Though really it might be better for him to finally rest and meet up with Trisha.

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  1. Envy is probably the second most wicked homunculus after Pride. I wouldn’t count on him to help May now that he has body back.

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