Angel Beats! – 01

Otonashi awakens in a strange world and battles Angel.


I have to say the first episode for this was really good. It got you right into this unusual world and you are left wondering with Otonashi about what is going on. It’s a bit of a strange situation being in a kind of afterlife. I’m sure many have said over the years that hell would be like school, but this is a bit ridiculous, lol. Losing memories on top of it has to be hard on Otonashi since he has so little to base his opinions on.

We are pretty early in the series, but still there is no real good and bad side as of yet. Angel is hardly acting in a very aggressive manner only responding when attacked. While you could say that stabbing Otonashi was extreme it was fairly effective in making clear that he really was dead. Mostly she was just defending herself when the group went and attacked. She didn’t say anything so her intentions during Operation Tornado are unclear.

It seems the SSS are the aggressors at the moment. Their intentions at least to Angel are hostile since they want to take her down and take over. Of course you can say they are fighting for their beliefs and to continue to exist as they are. But their actions are based on an assumption as to what happens to those who vanish. Do they really get reincarnated? Or is this world some kind of purgatory? Are they just spending time there before getting moved on to heaven? Their actions are pretty extreme for not being sure as to what is really going on. I mean they are basing their whole guess on Buddhist philosophy. Unless they know just what is going on they can look to any number of religions to explain where they are and what is going on. Who knows what religion if any is connected to this world?

I can understand Otonashi’s uncertainty about this. Trying to blast away some girl based on a belief none of them are certain about is uncomfortable. Vanishing or not vanishing is one thing, but there are so many uncertainties about this situation. Right now Otonashi is hiding behind his amnesia so he doesn’t have to make a decision.

I think how the main characters died might add something to what is going on. Yuri’s death will probably be the most interesting. Something must have shaped her into the kind of person that would fight against the established order of this afterlife. Otonashi’s death also makes me wonder. Seems it was some kind of accident, but all we can be certain about is that there was brain trauma involved.

A good start to the series. You really are left wondering about a lot of things. Still we’ve gotten introduced to some characters and understand some of what is going on. This series could get pretty messy since characters don’t just die like in a normal situation. So you can put them through ugly times and they will bounce back eventually.

ED Impressions:

I liked the song. Think that it’s good for an ED to be pretty peaceful. For a series like this things could get serious so it’s a good way to wrap up an episode. Nothing flashy in terms of images so you can just focus on the music portion. A soft song that I’ll enjoy listening to after the episodes.

6 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – 01”

  1. Yeah, good episode overall. Production quality is definitely impressive. It seems the SSS or at least Yuri doesn’t want to disappear from this world. I’m guessing it has something to do with how they died in the real world. We don’t really know if their tactics are effective, but I suppose raising trouble is a fun way to pass the times.

  2. Yeah definitely blown away by the production quality in this first episode. Alot of questions were raised but I was drawn in enough that I will definitely be covering this show throughout the season. While I was impressed by the SSS’s antics I agree with Otonashi with regards to being uncertain about the whole deal. I mean seriously, Tenshi’s being all kawaii and stuff, do we really need to kill her? Its interesting how she was rather passive during the whole fight seen even with her obviously overwhelming capabilities, it makes me wonder what her behavior will be like as the series moves along, this is going to be fun to follow.

    Hope to continue to read your reviews of it, take care!


  3. @TJ
    I agree the production quality was great. If they can keep it up the whole series it will be a visual treat. Of course the story is key and that is looking pretty good at this early stage. I’d agree if you don’t know what to do at least you can cause some trouble.

    The interesting thing was the level of passiveness during that conflict. Clearly Angel is strong, fast, and powerful. But she was simply playing the fight defensively. Maybe you can say with so many shots being fired she had no time. But somehow I can’t think she wouldn’t be able to take them down. Plus she only took action after being shot by Otonashi. Until we get a better feel for her personality it’s tough to do more than speculate about her. But I’m also curious about how she will behave as the series goes along.

  4. My guess: Otonashi is in a coma. I’m basing this entirely on the fact that he has amnesia, as well as the recurring heart monitor-esque line in the title. But I’m completely open to surprises.

  5. @descent
    Can Angel even die? Did they make any mention of that? I know Haruhi Yuri had a killshot pointed on her, but I got the impression that Angel can’t die, or at least can’t be killed by members in her club. It seemed like the most they were trying to do was delay her as much as possible.

  6. @RP
    Well I think only ‘God’ truly knows the answer to that question. Still Yuri did mention that their goal was to get rid of her. The annihilation of Angel wasn’t one of the goals of that operation. It might be a final goal for the SSS, but not for Operation Tornado. Right now I don’t think they know how to take her out. With that level of defence winning isn’t easy. So I’m sure they want to take down Angel, but that will likely be an operation by itself.

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