Ookami Kakushi – 12 [Final]

Hiroshi is forced into a club and reminisces about some strange events that recently happened.


Glad even Hiro realized during his monologue he was getting carried away with the hero act. Seriously he’s a damsel in distress and should just resign himself to that. At least he has more sense than his father in knowing they should be moving out of that town a.s.a.p. The longer he stays the more incidents that will occur.

On the positive at least the series didn’t bother trying to be serious with the last episode. Using it in this OVA fashion of silly short-stories is almost fitting for the series. Just a bunch of stories that make clear that Hiroshi really is the type to get yanked around by events. He gets tossed into a club against his will, sent into a weird situation with that dark castle, and is forced to cross-dress. Though really how the heck did Isuzu and Kaname get him into that outfit? If the super strength of Isuzu wasn’t involved I’ve lost any respect that still existed for Hiroshi. Admittingly there wasn’t much, but I had a little bit left there. Plus can the guy sink any lower to having to carry around “hassaku spray” with him? He so belongs in a horror film as a victim. It’s like he was born for the role.

The last episode did help solidify his harem situation I suppose. They built up some more events with him and Isuzu to get home that she hasn’t given up. Kind of weird how he grabbed her to take her away before Nemuru could begin ranting. Plus at the end the guy really has no worries. Sure he might have been in danger a few times, but he must feel pretty good about the end result.

Of course the episode also continued the character assassination of Nemuru. Going around in that outfit and then using her authority to create that castle for Mana. Also shows she is definitely not attached to normal thought patterns turning an innocent girl’s castle into some evil place. But considering the series I don’t think anything should be taken too seriously. With it being the last episode they probably felt it was time to have fun with Nemuru’s character.

Final Words:

Honestly I had some high expectations for this series. Knowing the source was a game writen by the person who was behind Higurashi and Umineko I thought it’d turn out well. Sure I knew it was shorter than both of those, but that didn’t mean a good story couldn’t be told. It had a decent start and there was plenty of mystery and questions about what was going on. Sadly the second half of the series didn’t live anywhere near to the start. Maybe it was Isuzu dropping out for part of it, but something started to go wrong. By the end we were left with moronic villains like Kasai and Sakaki who didn’t seem to have a clue. Their plans were pretty sad to sa the least. Once Sakaki started throwing things like a little girl at Nemuru you knew there wasn’t a ton of hope for the series.

Maybe one of the biggest problems was the lead. Hiroshi never really felt like a lead character in this series. It may have been said in jest at times, but he really felt like some classic horror victim. He screamed a lot and made bad decisions. He didn’t live up to the female characters that were around him. Isuzu, Nemuru, and Kaname all were pretty solid and struggled against the events that happened in the series. Plus Kaname did one thing Hiroshi didn’t and that was look for answers herself.

Another big disappointment was with Kaori. There were so many questions that we had and none of them were answered. They hinted at things and then completely forgot to deal with them later. Why was taking her position seemingly negative? What was wrong with her arm? Did she have any connection to Mieko? In the end we are left wondering and will never really know.

There were some positives in the show. Issei was one creepy character that made many people nervous. The series looked visually good which certainly helped. Plus I liked the OP and the ED which had a good feeling to them. Sadly the content didn’t manage to live up to the presentation that was given to it.

Overall this was a show with potential that wasn’t lived up to. I’m sure many were hoping for better. In the end you just had to laugh at the last few episodes for how bad they were. A series I probably wouldn’t re-watch.

3 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 12 [Final]”

  1. Maybe one of the biggest problems was the lead.

    This show could’ve taken a lot more interesting turns if a strong lead had forced the action. But you’re right about Hiro. He was just like a pebble getting swept up by the current. He had absolutely no impact on the show, except for the fact that he was a walking, talking aphrodesiac.

  2. @RP
    Definitely, the only thing that made Hiro relevant to the series was his scent. If he had a normal scent we would have never seen him at all. Kind of sad that his only impact was something he had no control over. Though it kind of matched with his go with the flow personality.

  3. Hiro does look like a girl. More so than a guy.
    Blah blah blah, very interesting episode =.=;
    My thoughts on this anime as a whole (excluding this utterly annoying and unnecessary extra episode): There were 3 things that were actually good about it.

    * Kana-chan~
    * Nemuru
    * FictionJunction doing the OP

    And I won’t even get started on the flaws xD..

    Lastly…. I just read the synopsis again.. “The story follows Hiroshi Kuzumi, a 16-year-old student”… Wtf? He’s friggin’ 16? He looks younger than my little cousin who’s 13 >.>

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