Omamori Himari – Final Impressions

Well the series made it’s way to the end in a way that many probably expected.


Honestly the series broke down into introducing the main girls and then dealing with this dangerous Kyuubi threat at the very end. Considering it was a harem series it shouldn’t have surprised many people that it didn’t end in any remarkable way. Nothing was really set in stone although Himari retained her position as the top member of Yuuto’s harem.

Really the last episode especially was eye rolling worthy. Against one of the top ayakashi in the entire country Himari wins with a simple case of losing control. It seemed Tama had regained almost all her power by the end and still was owned pretty easily. I suppose they had to deal with the threat somehow, but I think some group fighting would at least have made more sense. No where was Himari ever mentioned to be the strongest in the world and yet that’s about where she ended up. Not to mention she finished the last enemy with yet another power-up. This time it was thanks to Yuto who apparently has the ability to make combat outfits. The previous episode with the group fighting was a bit more entertaining. Sure they lost, but seeing a mix of fighting styles is more interesting than just a pure power-up.

Final Words:

Really the series never became that good in my mind. They had to introduce a pretty large harem which took time, but there was a lack of great characters. Yuuto was a pretty average harem lead in every respect. The guy did have his moments, but at the end he was willing to let Himari kill him and then probably everyone else in the world. Yuuto just wasn’t the type of person you enjoyed watching. Of course for this kind of show the girls are usually the only reason to tune in.

The girls were a mixed group, but I suppose most would find one or two they especially liked. Some had interesting back stories like Kuesu, while others just seemed to be there for no reason like Lizlet. They certainly played up the fan service probably to make up for the lack of depth they were going to be putting into the story itself.

In the end it felt pretty below average. The ending was pretty weak and in some random way they added Tama to the harem. It’s probably one of those shows that you will watch and then soon forget. I might check out the manga to see how it compares. I’d probably call it a 5/10.

2 thoughts on “Omamori Himari – Final Impressions”

  1. You should definitely check out the manga. I agree with you on the ending being very weak but the manga is still ongoing so you may be more satisfied with that. That fight scene never happened in the manga. I think a 5 out of 10 is just a little harsh even though your reasons make sense. I think it should get a 6.5 out of 10.

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