Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 50

The battle in Central continues and the soldiers from Briggs make their appearance.


Things are definitely picking up now with the battles being fought all over the place. This episode really showed the difference between Mustang and Olivier. You can definitely see how they are fighting this situation differently and how they would rule. It’s pretty brutal, but you can see how effective the Briggs soldiers are out there. They are just taking down the enemy without mercy and moving along pretty quickly. Olivier is simply taking the Briggs mentality down to this conflict and I feel bad for the soldiers that end up against her people.

Anyone fighting against Mustang should be thankful. He’s going at this a different way by holding back and only making it so the enemy no longer is able to fight. If he wanted to it would be much easier to just burn his way through Central and forget about Bradley’s wife since she really would slow them down.

In the end this battle reflects the two who want to take over Central. Mustang and his followers understand from the Ishbal War how good people can be stuck on the side that does horrible things. The soldiers they are fighting against think they are doing the right thing. They don’t want to kill off those guys and likely plan to use protecting Bradley’s wife to show they were in the right and legitimize their claim to power. Maybe Olivier is right and Mustang is naive, but it’s not a stance I disagree with. Olivier is just going to take out those who are corrupt and win this as quickly as possible. She does make some flashy moments of her own with hose brutal stabs with the sword.

It was great to see Ross back into the scene again. It was pretty tough for her to have to leave like that earlier in the series. Sadly I kind of forgot about her, so it’s good she will play a role in this final battle. Havoc helping in his own way shows that while Mustang can be naive, his stance draws people to him. It’s just nice to have characters we haven’t seen in a while play a role in these events.

Good that Ed and his group are also on the move. It’s time to pressure Father and end this once and for all. Of course it appears Pride has a plan and is acting it out. Honestly it’s weird that Al still hasn’t recovered his head yet. Somehow Pride is going to get out and things will get more complicated.

I can’t blame Hohenheim for sending Ran Fan out on her own. She clearly is too worried right now and wants to head out. He was always planning on going alone and just wanted to give her a chance to leave. At the same time I’m worried about that guy being alone. Hohenheim is strong enough to handle himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s invincible. Really I keep thinking he is going to let himself die at some point near the end to let the souls he’s been holding onto rest in peace.

Anyways the series continues to keep me interested and eager to find out what happens next. I’d really like us to get to the next week so I can find out what happens. Series is getting good there’s no doubt there.

3 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 50”

  1. Just a random thought: dnowing what Olivier’s forces are like, Mustang is probably not killing anyone to make himself look good if it ever comes to the point where he might be fighting for control with Olivier. And yes he is a bit more of an optimist when compared to Olivier.

    It’s funny that the Brigg soldiers still wear their Northern camo gear. You’d think people wearing thick white coats would stand out in the middle of Central.

  2. @TJ
    Yeah you are probably right that part of Mustang’s motives is to make himself look much better than Olivier when the time comes. I mean a lot easier to trust someone that protected the previous leader’s wife and held back on troops that didn’t know the danger of the leadership. Though I do think part of it is knowing these are soldiers of their country that just don’t know what’s going on. With anything it’s probably a mix, but I think it’s mostly to do with their personal feelings about killing. Ishbal did traumatize quite a few of them.

    Yeah kind of funny about the camo gear. Surprisingly they are still amazingly stealthy. Maybe they don’t have any other outfits.

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