Inuyasha – Final Act – 24

Everyone locates Naraku’s real body and face off against him, while he starts to fall apart.


I’m really curious as to what exactly Byakuya did to Kagome. It seems as if nothing at all happened, after his attack she seemed perfectly fine. Of course, it had to have done something. Naraku seemed very pleased that he did it, sow whatever he did seems like it succeed. My guess is it somehow sealed her powers again, as we haven’t seen her use her powers since it happened. She was about the fire the arrow, but before releasing it was attacked so we didn’t get to see whether or not she had spiritual power or not. It seems quite unfair for Kagome, and everyone else for that matter. Kagome is the only one capable of stopping Naraku pretty much, as she’ the only one who can attack and defeat hi soul and purify the jewel. The others seem to be doing a great job of stopping his actions and destroying his body, but without Kagome nothing will really get accomplished. Just when she finally gets her powers back from Magahatsuhi, they seem like they are being taken away again. Poor Kagome.

I was pretty impressed by Kagome’s whole speech to Naraku about his human side and his feelings. Normally something like that would have seemed forced or just out of place, but when she started saying it to him it was quite awesome. I couldn’t help myself from yelling “pwnd!” at the screen when Kagome said that the jewel didn’t grant his wish. I’m not sure how much this will come into play during the actual fight though. There may be a moment as Naraku is dying of good where he says something meaningful but I doubt that in this final fight what she said will stop him from doing something until he’s already defeated. Still, interesting to see that there is a bit more to him then just being super mega evil for no reason.

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  1. Was definitely nervous when that attack was launched against Kagome. No way that it did nothing and thus we are left wondering. Considering what attack was absorbed it makes you worried when Byakuya goes and swings that at Kagome. Plus we get the death of the final incarnation. Really doubt many are feeling too emotional about that. Unlike the others he really was simply a lackey from start to finish.

    Was interesting to have Kagome bring out that speech. No matter the detailed plans in the end Naraku couldn’t get what he truly wanted from the jewel. Since at the core of his human heart were those feelings for Kikyo. Spent all this time trying to cut the bonds between others and he sits here at the brink of defeat now.

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