Dance in the Vampire Bund – 10

Mina deals with civil disputes of the other vampire families while Akira meets with Meiran.


Wow…I am absolutely stunned by this episode. For the most part, this series in general has been pretty good, but this episode seemed to take it to another level almost. There was some real suspense in this episode as far as what was going to happen. I felt myself really caring what happened to these characters. I wanted Mina to really stand up for herself against the three clans’ people, and wanted Akira to be with her. I didn’t figure this show for having this kind of focus though. I figured that after some of the recent episodes, the focus would be more on things like dealing with Telomere and fighting against other vampires, but having these kinds of political civil disputes between the vampires is interesting too. I’m not really sure what Mina would be able to do, it seems that for the most part she’s pretty screwed, but the episode has had me caring what happens, and it shows how good it is.

I’m still very interested in Meiran. She keeps appearing all over the place and this episode Akira had quite a long talk with her. It seems that she somehow knows the princess, but doesn’t seem to be a vampire. She also knows Akira from his past but he has no memories of her. She interfered with the fight Mina was having back in the church when all the student vampires were attacking, and she knew about what was going on at the Bund when Akira was told to stay away. She is definitely very mysterious and I really hope they continue to develop her as a character.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with what you wrote… Plus, I thing that the show started off somewhat weak (lost memory? Come on… It’s so cliché) and just kept getting better to this point. I hope the ending will be as good, and that they won’t leave any loose ends.
    Anyhow, I really enjoyed reading this post. Keep doing such a good job :)

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