Dance in the Vampire Bund – 09

Mina faces off against Hysterica to stop her from harming the public.


I thought this episode was awesome. There were so many little moments in it where Mina just completely outsmarted and outmaneuvered Hysterica, it was fun to see. First it was with the building and the jamming, and then with Nanami’s death, and it just kept coming how it seemed like she was screwed but then BOOM she had the upper hand, it was just really cool to see.

One bit that kind of confused me was when Hysterica mentioned something about telling the elders and so on about what Mina’s transformed state was. She seemed to indicate that it was a big deal about what she was and that she could be in trouble, be defamed, or something bad would happen to her if everyone knew what it was. Which obviously seems to indicate that whatever her form is, in other words whatever her form represents, is a big deal and perhaps it’s not supposed to be what it is. That’s got to come up again later because it’s too odd a thing to just say and forget.

I am curious about the fiancée bit at the end. I suppose it does make a lot of sense for a world where things like bloodlines are so important to have arranged marriages and things like that. Especially for someone as important as Mina, a marriage with her would mean a lot and I’m sure it’s pretty much just a political marriage, as Mina seems quite attached to Akira and has even for a while. I’m curious though if it will be held off now because Akira has kind of resurfaced. Now that Mina is more or less with him, I have a feeling the marriage won’t continue, but it will probably be a big deal and several episodes where they deal with that.

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