Ladies vs. Butlers – Final Impressions

Well I think the series ended in a way everyone was expecting it to. There wasn’t a great deal of resolution in the final episodes, but that doesn’t mean nothing at all happened. The series leaves us with a set-up for a sequel that might never actually materialize. But that might just be the price you pay when animating from an incomplete source.


The last few episodes really have just been about both Tomomi and Selnia confirming their own feelings. It also shows how this situation with Akiharu has tapped right into their rivalry. I don’t doubt that they both actually have feelings toward Akiharu, but it’s clear that the rivalry is also playing into this situation. They hate losing to each other in anything. This time the stakes are incredibly high and losing in this arena will be the most painful for the both of them. Of course Akiharu isn’t some kind of prize so they shouldn’t be dragging their rivalry into the middle of this. The quickest solution would just be to come out in the open, but it doesn’t seem like either of them are capable of doing that. For different reasons it’s not easy for either to just say how they feel. Selnia has the pride of her family and lowering herself to saying so openly how she feels would be tough. Tomomi is always in control of things and confessing is really handing the control to the other person.

Sadly it’s hard to say if Akiharu will figure out how those two feel without the help. He’s a pretty strong person and pretty observant at least to traps. Figuring out the feelings of those two girls might just be beyond his ability. Still I think he should have clued into the fact that they both wanted the same ticket. If Tomomi had really wanted to go so badly she would have blackmailed Akiharu into giving up his ticket and saving the trouble.

Maybe the biggest step forward was the first name part with Akiharu and Selnia. Getting him to drop the drill thing is a goal itself, but bringing up first names is sending a reasonably strong message. Since the episode ended so soon after it’s hard to say how things will turn out from this point on. Fans of Tomomi and Selnia will probably be left with strong arguments for their sides, but nothing to show for it. The only hope is to see how the novels end and if a second season ever does materialize.

Final Words:

This series has been an odd ride. The start showed promise with one of the more interesting love triangles I’ve seen in a while. All three had strong personalities and really you don’t see a Tomomi every day. Akiharu was also a bit unusual since most leads for this genre are pretty spineless or just submissive in general. Sadly the middle portion of the series really fell flat since they tried to give focus to the secondary characters. It’s not a bad idea in general to develop your whole cast. The problem in this case was that the secondary characters were dull at best and annoying at worst. The stupid sisters made me want to kill them almost every time they were around. Fan service is one thing, but both of them should have been ejected from that school from the start. I can’t imagine either of them could power a calculator with their intelligences.

Still the last part of the series was the most interesting starting on that trip. The huge progress made between Selnia and Akiharu just sparked the last part of the series. It got Tomomi to step up and make her move and it forced Selnia to really think about how she feels. The only downside was that we never did get a firm conclusion to the series. I didn’t expect we would, but that wasn’t stopping me from hoping to be proved wrong for once.

Overall this was a decent series. If you cut out the middle it’s a short series, but a pretty good one. I didn’t expect that the biggest draw in the series would be the main characters personalities. For once it really made me think about the motivations for each character and how things could turn out. Hopefully we get a sequel down the road since I’m curious how things would turn out.

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