Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 49

The battle against Pride continues with Al coming up with a daring plan.


Damn Pride is one hell of a monster that’s for sure. Of course this episode also showed just how incredible Hohenheim is. Both in what he managed to do to seal in Pride, but also the fear he can put into the homunculi. Instead of paying attention to all the enemies he was completely focused on Hohenheim expecting him to do something huge. Pride isn’t stupid enough to misunderstand who the greatest threat out of that group is. Hohenheim really doesn’t take action often, but when he does it’s pretty huge. It was thanks to Al by holding onto him, but that was an incredible move to manipulate that much land to keep him sealed up. It really was a solid plan since Al can hold out for a long time and if he does black out at least it won’t be during a fight where it might cost everyone.

Overall it was a pretty cool fight with Pride completely putting the group on the defensive. Greed and Ed just couldn’t match up against that kind of power. Pride’s attacks are both strong and have incredible range. It’s tough to just avoid them much less do any damage to the container. Considering how many souls he must have after eating up Gluttony it’d take a large amount of damage that those two couldn’t produce. Sadly Ran Fan was at her limit already and I’m sure it was rough on her to just have Greed taking back over the body.

I think Greed is being way too reckless though. Sure it’s just Sloth and Father, but they aren’t pushovers. Father himself is pretty damn dangerous so seems a bit crazy to make a move solo. This could come back to bite them in a bad way.

Seems Mustang is also on the move. It’s good to see him in action again even if he was just blowing up some cars. There is no way his plan is so weak as to get caught like that. Part of it has to be to show Bradley’s wife what this country is turning into. The wife of the former leader (when they win) will be an important political piece. If Mustang can get her on side it will have some effect both on the people and perhaps some of the troops. Either way right now Mustang is on the front lines in this battle. Kimblee is also moving around and you know a rematch with Scar is going to come.

Also the Red Coat is back! Quite a bit of early action, but the flag on this battle has risen. It’s time to see how this struggle to stop the homunculi works out.

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