Ookami Kakushi – 11

Sakaki executes his dam plan and is confronted by Nemuru’s group.


Of course Hiroshi finally remembered that he was supposed to be the lead character. He’ll be damned if women are going to be protecting him throughout the whole series. Thus he jumps in front of a crazy man with a gun. This man who likely has more than one bullet can kill him and move on, but let’s forget about that. The guy was determined to get into the middle of these things. At least he’s grown a little and acknowledges the difficulty of the Jouga situation. Plus he got a harem out of it so clearly his crazy maneuver actually paid off. Although in the end he’s planning for his utopia. Clearly this whole special scent thing has gone straight to his head. Has a harem, goals for the future, the man may have even greater ambitions than Sakaki. Watch out world, your new King is coming! But really you think the guy who feels guilty about his scent causing so many problems would just leave. Instead he decides to stick around and continue to cause problems.

Think they are trying to resolve the situation a little too easily. Saying they should rethink the rules is fine. But the fact is there isn’t a great deal they can do. Should they just let people get attacked and shake their heads at it later? The rules came into the equation because they had no other options. Maybe with the new capsules they can limit the incidents even further, but they can’t outright stop them. Wait until the situation gets out of control and then you are saying again that the new rules should be changed. Think Nemuru has been infected with Hiroshi’s stupidity.

Thought they might try to deal with the situation between the villagers, but instead the majority just moved. Sure that kind of move makes sense, but I was kind of expecting that there would be some reconciliation. Sakaki’s dam plan might have failed, but he has done extreme damage to that town. You just can’t lose such a huge part of your population and move ahead like normal. Not to mention it’s possible that the world will become aware and things could get very bad. So really his plans might have been cliché, but he may have gotten his revenge in the end.

To be honest the whole Sakaki situation was incredibly disappointing. Maybe it should be expected by now, but I’m still amazed by the stupidity of everyone in the series. Instead of barricading the door or destroying the machines, Sakaki just sits in the chair for a while grinning like a lunatic and leaves. So it’s no problem to stop the terrible flooding since all they have to do is press a button. Even though he couldn’t have expected Kasai to blab his plans he should still have expected someone would come to stop the flooding. Of course then comes the whole gun sequence. Everyone was pretty stupid during that. Hiroshi talks about Mieko’s death being unfortunate, but insinuates it was necessary. Also Nemuru talks about her people wanting to live in peace. I know they aren’t hostage negotiators, but are those two really that stupid? The man is angry and with a gun, I don’t think telling him that his fiance’s death couldn’t be helped is a good plan. Plus I like Isuzu, but a girl with a wrist bell walking into a forest is just death waiting to happen.

The real disappointment is with the Kaori situation. We never get a single answer about what was going on. Now we can only assume her similarity to Mieko was simply coincidental and only happened to remind Sakaki of Mieko. Also what was up with her arms? All we found out was her symbolic position and that something was wrong with her. Now she’s dead and we will never know. That was pretty creepy death for Sakaki being hugged over a cliff.

I was kind of hoping for more with Isuzu’s return to the show. But she was pretty subdued which makes me want to take out the guys who drugged her up this badly. Of course I’m pretty sure Kasai already killed him so that’s taken care of. It seemed like they were pushing Nemuru and Hiroshi at the end which personally wasn’t my favourite. Not to mention the whole biological issue that should ever prevent anything from happening thus leaving Kaname as the only member of his harem that is viable.

This isn’t the end of course. It seems we’re going to act similarly to Kampfer with a random episode at the end.

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  1. After watching all of these, it feels a little like we’re back on square one.

    In the very end, Hiroshi was utterly useless. Sure, he jumped in Sakaki’s way to protect Nemuru (and I thought he’d end up with Isuzu), but it was Kaori who ultimately killed him. You’re right about it being unsatisfying. Their relationship with one another was not made public to anyone, PARTICULARLY THE PROTAGONIST. Then within a few months, neither Hiroshi nor Mana express regret for her. O.O

    Villagers are very cliche. All I could say about them.

    Also, how Sakaki expressed to avenge Mieko. It made the anime look like a short story that was forcibly elaborated, poorly. Really, it was like, the guy blabs about Mieko and we’re left to say, “Anything else?”

    I don’t know if Ryukishi07 tried to relay something to us regarding Hiroshi’s uselessness, or maybe it’s just the animation. I had to admit, I first saw it promising, but after watching episode 11 this morning, it finished in a worse condition than it began.

    AND WHERE DID THIS AMBITION FOR A UTOPIA COME FROM? of course it’s easy for Hiroshi to wish for that, he was in the least danger of all (thanks to his harem) D:

    Again, I agree with you about the last episode. Some random epilogue-ish special that was considered canon ._.

  2. You know I always thought there was going to be more to that wrist-bell of Isuzu-chan’s but yeah… nothing. If we think about it, there’s a whole lot of nothing in this series.

    Someone can hug me off a cliff to my death if there’s a second season.

  3. @Sebz
    So much left unsatisfying to me. Hiroshi didn’t seem to feel the need to discuss what happened and it seems like Isuzu moved on while in hospital. Then in the epilogue it doesn’t seem like she cares at all and is actually trying to set him up with Nemuru. I suppose with this series even expecting a decent conclusion to the relationships would be too much.

    There really was a lot that nothing came of in this series. You could think of characters like Kaori that actually were no where near as important. The uniformed guys were actually not all that important either. The medical information also went nowhere at the end of the day. The wrist bell was just another thing that was actually meaningless. Considering it made no noise hard to say if it was a bell at all.

  4. I agree with you guys too many meaningless things a was hoping a lot more with Kaori looking like Mieko and all.They could have even done a super cheap explanation like she was her twin sister but they didn’t.
    Anyway, looking forward to next episode as it have Higurashi rei vibes with self-derision like Rena shoting uso da ! at Takano for saying she’s not attracted to girls.

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