Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 48

The battle against Pride and Gluttony continues while Mustang makes his move in Central.


It really would be nice if everyone could try working together just a little bit. I mean it seems everyone has the same overall objective, but are just doing things completely solo. Is there a good reason for Olivier to give up what seems to be Mustang’s move to Father? Could be she is trying to gain his confidence so she can make her move eventually. I also know that she plans on winning and getting the leadership, but it doesn’t seem that beneficial to give up an ally’s next move. Of course really no one seems to be on Mustang’s side except his subordinates. At least he gets to work with Hawkeye and the others again. Hopefully he has a bigger plan than just taking the wife hostage. That’s not going to make a difference with Father although it might have some impact on Wrath when he gets back into things.

But wow Pride really is a piece of work. He goes and kills an ally in order to increase his own power. Sure Gluttony isn’t that helpful for tactics, but I don’t think that means you should eat him. Although I’m not sure how much this really benefits Pride. It’s only possible to act in the light so he’s not going to use it to fight when there is no light. Honestly I’m just not sure what Pride is thinking other than boosting his own amount of lives. Lion King did a hell of a job there. That must have used up a few of Pride’s lives. Still I feel bad when the chimera looks completely exhausted while the little kid seems more or less alright. Of course Lion King just attacked relentlessly and used up his energy. Not his fault the kid has enough lives to keep on going.

What a great combo team with Ling and Ran Fan. They are just overwhelming when they get going. Gluttony was getting owned so much I thought he might just run out of lives. Not to mention they really played up the brutality of the fighting with Ran Fan cutting away like there was no tomorrow. It was a cool fight though a bit weird with body parts flying away and blood spurting. Of course they aren’t invincible as it appears Ran Fan isn’t completely used to the automail yet. It’s incredible she is fighting to that level so soon after that incident.

Clearly the Xing individuals realize how overwhelming Hohenheim is. While we know about his past some probably can’t realize just how powerful he is. He has played things very conservatively so far. I think one of the reasons would be not wanting to use those lives needlessly. There is nothing Hohenheim can do about the souls he got, but he can at least make sure they don’t get used up for no reason. Hopefully they get Al on his feat since they will probably need everything to deal with Pride.

We keep moving forward and the episodes keep getting better. I can’t wait to see what happens next and how the whole series will wrap up.

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  1. Olivier is sort of in cooperation with Mustang, but at the same time she’s working for herself, just like Grumman. They might be the good guys, but they aren’t exactly saints. However, I think they’ll keep the infighting (if there is any) for after they defeat Father.

    Yeah, Pride is a real creepy bastard. It’s scary how creepy a villain in child form can be. By eating Gluttony, Pride gains Gluttony’s sense of smell which means he can better track his opponents in the dark, but on the flipside he didn’t really need to since there was light. It was probably more to do with boosting his own amount of lives.

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