Ookami Kakushi – 10

Sakaki unleashes chaos upon the festival and explains his revenge.


Damn Sakaki really is one crazy piece of work. I really don’t care what happens to him by the end of this series. Sure at one level you could care about his loss, but his decision of genocide pretty much erases that sympathy. Heck I feel worse for Mieko for ever being together with that guy. Grief is something to help understand his motivations, but they certainly don’t excuse them. He talks about monsters and yet he is the one who let that girl out. Sakaki knew that someone would be attacked and that the girl would likely be killed. That girl was as innocent as Mieko and yet he had no reservations about using her for his goals. Talk about a hypocrite. Not to mention the guy is a coward who can only fight with ambushes. I’m hoping he gets taken down since there really is no room for redemption there. Though I really expect Kaori will play some kind of role regarding him before the end. Also is there some disease that makes all these antagonists unable to finish the job? Nemuru who isn’t a villain kills without fail, but Sakaki and Kasai seem to enjoy leaving their victims alive long enough to explain everything.

Kasai is hardly a saint either. The guy doesn’t give a damn about humans and would gladly have them all killed. He certainly cares about his people in general, but he’s more than willing to kill and sacrifice when it suits him. Even as he was dying the guy couldn’t resist causing more pain and suffering. It’s good that he let the coming disaster be known, but he doesn’t care how many people die in the flooding. At least one jerk is finally dead and won’t be bothering anyone again.

The return of Isuzu is a great one. She really stepped up when things were getting dangerous. Out of anyone she can understand the situation that exists in that town. She lost her brother, but was saved when Nemuru could have killed her. I wonder about the quiet role she played before things got out of hand. Clearly she could have approached Kaname and Hiroshi earlier if she wanted to. Isuzu could be thinking that she doesn’t have the right to after what happened last time. Either way when the time came she was the same in that she wouldn’t let anyone hurt Hiroshi. Makes me wonder if the reason Nemuru was so determined to protect Hiroshi was that she felt it was necessary to act in Isuzu’s place. Since Nemuru was part of the reason that Isuzu snapped like that she might have felt it was a way she could atone.

Anyways it seems that life in the village can never be the same again. The truth has come out and I just don’t know if the village can hold it together. Tensions are coming out and after this disaster is dealt with they won’t have just disappeared. People will be afraid of what they don’t understand and the Jouga Wolves will be angry. This dam situation is a distraction, but it has to be resolved. I’m not sure if the people there can work things out. It’s possible they might be able to build a better situation going forward if everyone living there understands what is going on.

Not sure how this will all wrap up. Still I’ll be following along and curiously watching what unfolds.

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