To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 23

The truth is revealed and Mikoto takes on Telestina.


I’m sorry, but my first reaction to that Kuroko slap was “thank god.” Sure it’s cliche to do, but she damn well had it coming. She’s supposed to be a member of Judgment and yet she has been anything but for the entire duration of this arc. Things got started with getting angry at Kuroko for following the evidence and then completely falling apart after the truth was revealed. There is just a point where she needed to be woken up.

Telestina makes one of the key mistakes of many villains. Once she thinks that she has won it’s the end of playing innocent. She probably could have had things go much further along if she had found some excuse to keep Kiyama and Uiharu away from the kids. Instead she decides to just drop the charade. It’s sad since she did a pretty good job playing up her innocence for a while.

Saten is a strong person. I guess her level upper development has shown itself quite nicely here. She stopped Mikoto from making the same mistake of getting too fired up and rushing into things. Also good that she got Kuroko and Uiharu to face each other. They can’t go into this situation with their relationship suffering.

I’m not surprised about Kiyama planning on moving on her own since really what reason does she have to trust anyone else? The frog guy is the only one who has really helped her out.

Kongou comes back with a vengeance here. She has been sitting around helplessly for the entire arc and finally comes in to save the day. My only complaint is that we don’t actually see her rescue Mikoto. I personally want to hear the story of how she did it. They keep her ability hidden away and just tease us. Still it’s nice that she is brought into the group for this and not left on the sidelines. It was also good for her that those two girls were planning on going to visit her. She’s gained some valuable friends during this series.

Anyways I thought this episode was done really well. They managed to reign in Mikoto and hit home the mistakes she’s been making. Charging in like that both with Telestina and with Kiyama when she saw her is how things got to this point. I’m glad it hit home just how foolish she’s been. I also like how they have tied things together with the Big Spider arc. The fact it was tied in so well to this showed how much more important it was compared to silly things like that Anti-Skill woman. I really didn’t expect Capacity Down to be used right there, but it makes sense since it was shown earlier. It was perfectly played by Telestina who in one move completely negated a level 5. Mikoto was completely helpless and never managed to do anything. I think it’s nice that they didn’t have her pull out some ridiculous trump card since sometimes you just lose.

Anyways now it’s time to take down the boss! It’ll be nice to have everyone playing a role here and not just Mikoto saving the day. Sure she is a level 5, but this episode proved she can’t settle things alone.

3 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 23”

  1. Most villains have to make those mistakes, or else the good guys can never beat them and we can’t have that. Lol Telestina suddenly going nuts was rather abrupt but still more entertaining than any of the episodes in the past few weeks.

  2. @TJ
    True the good guys do need an edge wherever they can find it. Luckily villains have these breakdowns. Whether it’s Telestina revealing that she is insane or leaving Mikoto for lackeys to pick up when she already had a grip on her.

  3. LOL yeah, that whole Telestina dropping the charade thing was a contrived development if anything. It’s just so they could push the plot forward and give an excuse for the heroines to get their butt moving. Heh, maybe Telestina couldn’t hold her inner psycho self any longer and just let it spill when she was confident that she had succeeded, kinda like how someone couldn’t contain their bliss when they won the lottery jackpot. She could have gotten away with keeping her identity and plans hidden if only she had done something as simple as lying to Uiharu and Kiyama that she would let them visit the children a few hours later because they’re currently performing tests on them or something. Closing the poltergeist case straightaway was also a huge mistake coz they could have used that as a cover. Honestly, the biggest and most cliched flaw with any villain is that they’re way too overconfident.

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