Inuyasha – Final Act – 23

Everyone struggles to find the real Naraku amongst his illusions.


I’m still continuously impressed with these last couple of episodes. It really does seem like there is this desperation to things. Sango having to decide about killing Naraku and Rin to save Miroku or not killing innocent Rin, Inuyasha in demon form, and Miroku at his limit. I’m actually quite impressed with Miroku. He’s not bitching about dying or anything and he’s willing to sacrifice himself. If he was actually face to face with the real Naraku, he’s got one of the ways that seems to be able to easily kill him. If he just blew up next to him, sucking in everything it would certainly do a number on him. Now, I’m sure it’s not going to come to that, but not being afraid to die like that I certainly find very interesting.

Probably one of the most interesting things in the episode was Byakuya. I always wondered what the hell he was really going to do in the final fight, as lately he hasn’t done much at all. However him now having a Meido Zangetsu sword is pretty big. I can see it doing two things. Either they simply use it as a weapon against Inuyasha and others it could possibly reverse the effects of it. If the two swords effectively bring about a means to get to the underworld, Inuyasha could suck up Naraku but Byakuya could use the sword to pop him back. Just a possibility, but the sword itself is huge either way. I liked Shippo’s comment about it, how they worked so hard getting the ability and then poof, Byakuya has it too.

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  1. Have to say Miroku has been pretty impressive. Maybe it’s because he’s lived knowing that most likely he would die that way. If you live with that kind of knowledge you might not spend time moaning about your fate. Sure he wants to live, but if he has to go he’d definitely like to take Naraku with him. He has someone to protect in Sango and he’ll give up his life if it will keep her safe.

    Sango’s position really walked on an uncomfortable moral place. She wanted to save Miroku more than anything and made a judgment call. It’d be nice to say it was because the world would be safer without Naraku, but that wasn’t her motivation. Byakuya put it well in that she judged Miroku’s life to be of more value than Rin. She attacked with every intention of killing her. It’s a position no one wants to be in where the life of someone you care about is on the line.

    Let’s face it if Rin had been killed we would be talking more about Sango’s death than anything else. We already know how important Rin has become to Sesshomaru. Otherwise he would have attacked Naraku from outside and ended this. I think it speaks well to Sesshomaru’s development that he didn’t try to kill Sango for just what she tried to do.

    Seems Naraku has another plot with Byakuya picking up that one shot sword. It might only work once, but if it’s used effectively that’s all one would need.

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