Inuyasha – Final Act – 22

Kagome meets up with Sesshomaru as they try to find Rin inside of Naraku’s body.

I am very impressed with this episode. Finally this show is showing something that really seems like a final battle. They’ve run into him a couple of times during this “final Act” season and the fighting have been interesting and exciting, but this does have a bit of a different feel to it. It’s almost a feel of desperation, which is interesting. They seem to really not stand a very good chance against him while previously, it seemed they did. With this desperation things are much more interesting because it’s not obvious how the fight will actually go about. I’m sure there will still not be any huge surprises, but that’s not what I’m really expecting from this show. For what it does have, it’s very interesting.

I’m still curious as to what they will actually do when they confront Naraku. While as I’ve said this last episode really has made things seem like it’s a final fight and doing a good job of it, I’m not sure how they will actually confront Naraku after they’ve dealt with all this Magahatsuhi thing or when/if they all meet up. Right now, they are inside of him so he’s pretty much all around them. Are they going to find some kind of core or will he somehow manifest himself…inside himself. Also, when they do run across something a bit more tangible, what will they do, their plan they’ve had for a while all went kind of out of the window when Naraku got the full jewel. I’m sure Kagome will get some kind of burst in her spiritualpower but it seems odd that they would just go against him and win with brute force.

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  1. Can you clarify something for me? I just finished the series, and without any spoilers, I liked the ending but I still don’t understand what Naraku was hoping to accomplish by letting everyone enter his body? Was he trying to completely defile the shikon jewel? Was that his objective?

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